5g internet in 4g mobile
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how to use 5g internet in 4g with small setting

how to use 5g internet in 4g with small setting


from this awesome article learn how to increase internet speed on our mobile, and making 4g mobile to 5g, use 5g high speed net with small settings how to use 5g internet in 4g phone with small setting.



how to use 5g internet in 4g with small setting :

  • actually anytime you shoot others while playing bgmi or freefire we die before others.
  • The reason for this is that the ping that you have near you, if it is low in your area guys.
  • your moment and actions will be very slow according to mobile network and signal strength when you play game.
  • That’s why you die when you face 2 face firing with anyone than others.
  • That is, the reason for that is that the ping in your area is low.
  • one more example that while sharing photos and videos, and watching youtube, or any online movies.
  • some times we can see buffering and slowness on internet due to it we cant watch properly any film, videos etc.



5g internet in 4g mobile



5g internet in 4g benefits :

  • we bought an application with the help of we can increase speed of our mobile internet.
  • that can be used to check the speed of your mobile and wireless connection (on 3G, 4G LTE or 5G), as well as for WiFi speed testing.
  • exactly the network signal strength whether it is good ,or bad it shows on this 5g internet in 4g mobile application friends.
  • without loading and buffering of online, youtube, reels, shorts, whatsapp all network speed will increases no load will shown from now onwards.
  • it test the fastness of net and wifi connection speed and in addition it boost up net also for better experience.
  • you could check out where the internet speed is high according to it you may use internet for downloading purpose or any other activities.



lets install this application :

  • whenever we try to install new applications just we need to go playstore which has default on any android device.
  • on entering it touch at search icon and you should have to type app name is Meteor Speed Test 4G, 5G, Wifi.
  • then app loads on another page, mainly now we should see some important points on app.
  • start with developer is OpenSignal.com has created this app and placed on playstore friends.
  • it has awesome about 4.5 and including five million downloads.
  • in those we could see one lakh eight thousands of reviews and those are maximum very good reviews by public.
  • overally when completing this simple steps and if they were matched to our article then surely press on install button.




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5g internet in phone installation later :

  • application may downloads faster because of its size has only 8.8 mb friends.
  • so presently open button appears on installation screen press on it to enter app.
  • on app starting we able to see meteor tile name with test you speed and learn which internet activities you can do with it.
  • at below of it lets go option is given press, next privacy policy pop up displays touch on ok.
  • then a new pop up with hi new friend press got it button and you will be continued app tap times and phone calls, and location permissions ask grant access.



how to use this 5G speed application :

  • after few permissions later app home layout will opened.
  • we have many options that to test our present network, test map, coverage map, and history etc.
  • to test our mobile network test that how much data is receives and uploading and fastness we able to know guys.
  • when you tapped start testing it tooks some time for speed loading purpose.
  • downloading , uploading, and ping present exact speed shows on screen.
  • according to result you could use the internet for particular needs.
  • automatically app shows in which network do you connected with wifi or cellular date at left side with emoji.



5g internet in 4g mobile



extra features on 5g internet in 4g application :

  • from test map we could check whether our location having sufficient data speed or not guys.
  • it scan all the networks around us with and shows which is best and worst networks around us.
  • coming to coverage map feature it works as coverage point of network operators.
  • it means the high speed covering areas will appear according to yours signal.
  • to use it perfect we have to turn on GPS in order to free coverage on your current areas and places.
  • you would choose the signals over any network from top option with all 2g,3g,4g,5g option we have change button press it.
  • then select operator whether O2, Vodafone, 3, EE and tick network from Type.
  • automatically it shows converging areas signal strength friends.



5g internet in phone conclusion :

  • when you finish this minor settings in app then all network problems will solved.
  • on next while using the internet in your smartphone you observe fast loadings and 5g typed network speed.
  • buffering will not happens anymore and downloading fastness increased when we compare to previous network.
  • now enjoy while seeing videos online and use 5g speed without any buffer, 5g internet in 4g mobile.
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  • we will collabe you with new article soon Untill signing off bye.



5g internet in 4g mobile





how to use 5g internet in 4g with small setting


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