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Apply This Setting To Announce Caller Name

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Hello Guys Welcome To Our channel today we are going to explain about an amazing Useful settings option ,with this settings you can set as Caller Name Announcer On incoming calls, Mobile will Tells the Contact name, Apply This Setting To Announce Caller Name.



Apply This Setting To Announce Caller Name :

  • For this Settings Trick You need To Read All this Article Information For Detailed Analysis.
  • Then Only You understand how to set this on your mobiles too.
  • So Guys Coming to Point to Use this trick you need to download the small application.
  • Which Is available on Playstore with 4.3 Plus Ratings, Out Of 5 with Superb Ratings.
  • There are 13 Thousand Plus Reviews are written by Users and they shared the Love And Support in The Reviews.



Announce Caller Name



About Announce Caller Name Application Information :

  • There are 5 million Plus Downloaded Users Are There and Still Using Without any Issues.
  • So Without any Late Now Join in that 5 Million Family guys.
  • Guys Application was developed by Backtracking Technologies and launched on December 6, 2018.
  • They Also Developed the application With More features and Released recently on October 28,2022.
  • Friends to Use app Need to have only 9.9 Mb To download the app.



Benefits Of this Announce Caller Name Application :

  • As You know This application will useful at traffic and shopping malls, Markets, and Some other Rush places.
  • Because Mobile Speaker will Directly Tell The caller Name So you can left the Call Without seeing the screen of Mobile Guys.
  • This application Voice of Announcer also have Pretty Good Voice to Hear Guys.
  • On Normally We Have to see mobile screen For every Incoming calls So on sunlight You cant see the screen properly.
  • But by applying this application settings on  mobile then hear the incoming call and left easily.
  • Not Only caller name will Announcer this this app will tells the unknow Numbers Also Guys.




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Disadvantages WithOut Announcer Caller Name Application :

  • In Normal Mobiles there will be no Option To set Caller Name Announcer.
  • So No will Set the Caller Announcer feature on there mobiles Guys, Now Set the announcer caller and shock Your Friends and others.
  • If you feel Bored on Ringtones and Songs as Incoming calls Sounds, then Go to this application.
  • On sunlight most of the mobile Screen Will Not appear properly at outside ,so on Incoming calls you cant see Name of the contact.
  • If you have face this problem then Download this application For Speak the Direct Caller Name Guys.
  • So WithOut any Delay Lets start the Installation Process of this application.



Download The Application Now :

  • So Guys Open Playstore on Mobile and Turn on Mobile Data then Click on the Search bar At top of the screen.
  • Now Type the application Name on the keyboard is Caller Name Announcer.
  • Then Typing After Click On Enter To Load Application.
  • In addition App will be loaded and appears at third place on the Search Page Guys.



Announce Caller Name



Playstore Installation Process :

  • After Finded the app simply tap on it to open and then Install Option Can Be appear.
  • Finally Click On Install Option To Download the app friends.
  • Few seconds after application will downloads successfully on mobile.
  • On Playstore Uninstall and Open Buttons will Seen After downloading completed.
  • Then Press Only on Open Option Guys Dont Click on Uninstall Otherwise app will be deleted .



After Downloaded Announcer Caller Name Permissions :

  • Friends App will opens with interface of app banner with continue button after clicking on Open Option At Playstore.
  • Then Press on Continue option Next Phone and Contacts will be asked ,Simply Grant the permission.
  • Click on Give Permission Option at Bottom of the screen and Press on allow buttons.
  • In addition Overlay permissions will asks ,Then press on go settings option and allow Permission ibn mobile.
  • Finally Come Back to application and tap on done option.



Announce Caller Name



Using Format Of Application :

  • So Guys Thenafter permissions application homescreen will opened with lots of Features .
  • This features are Call announcer, SMS announcer , Whatsapp Announcer, Battery charger announcer, and Other alerts settings also available.
  • we will explain detailed information about this features how they Works.
  • Lets Begin the Features uses and know about the working process.



Caller Name Announcer Feature :

  • Simply tap on this option guys With the help this option set the Caller Name announcer easily.
  • By turning on the option you can set announcer and have settings to do.
  • You have settings like to set Time delay before announcing and Ring volume on background settings.
  • Set announcement unknow numbers like spam numbers and International numbers by this settings.
  • You can as Only Announcement name with out background ringtone at others settings.



Announce Caller Name



SMS Announcer Feature Working :

  • On this Feature set the Announcer for SMS to guys Now clicking that have to allow Permissions for notifications.
  • Simply click on Got to settings and allow permissions in mobile settings guys.
  • Than after permission Return back to Application SMS announcer feature and set settings as you needed.
  • Like Announce repeat time, Announce unknown SMS And Others etc..



Whatsapp Announcer Feature Uses :

  • By Turning this feature now whatsapp messages will Also Announce this application.
  • Simply Open this option and turn on The option And Set similar settings like delay announce and other etc…
  • Like this Use this Feature For making As Notification announcer on whatsapp Guys.





Battery and Charger Announcer :

  • With the help of this option you may set the Announcement while charging the battery of mobile and full battery announcement.
  • Now Tap on it check the settings  From this settings set announcement on Battery level On 15 % and Battery Low Announcer.
  • And also apply the favorite ringtone to your Charging announcer guys.



Announce Settings Option :

  • From this settings set mode as ring mode are vibrate or silent when announcing the calls.
  • And Adjust the Volumes on at SMS ,Ringtone, Notifications then set announcement speed too.
  • Like check all settings and set as per your requirements Guys.



Flash Light Alerts :

  • This Application will provides flashlight alerts too By Using this Feature You can set The Flashlight On Incoming calls, SMS, Notification, and Other.
  • By Flash settings set Pattern of flash that have too Blink Nonstop or Popup etc…
  • Apply flash on Battery Low To alert you immediately This Will be Very helpful any one.
  • Finally When On Flash blink turn it on by Shake mobile or Power button Pressing Guys.



Finally Conclusion About This Application :

  • So that It Guys About the working Procedure and Explanation about this app Features.
  • This application have not only Caller Announcer there are Various types of Announcer are provide with Freely.
  • For More applications Like this then drop the Comment in Our Comment Box.
  • We will Come with New  Superb applications So Dont Forget to subscribe Our Channel and Turn on the Bell Icon to be Notified.





Announce Caller Name

Apply This Setting To Announce Caller Name

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