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auto send messages in whatsapp with this setting

auto send messages in whatsapp with this setting


learn how to send the schedule messages that would helps to surprise your girlfreind or boy friend and loved person, others at their special days like birthdays, and festivals, and events etc, send messages by setting the particular time and date and leave it has schedule simple auto send messages in whatsapp with this setting.



auto send messages in whatsapp with this setting :

  • in this generation each and every one has the smart phones.
  • in that all uses the whatsapp for chatting, video calls, voice messages ,statuses etc..
  • commonly for business purpose or for personal uses all are creating their account by using phone number.
  • so in yearly in our friends or relatives and girlfreind birthdays and some memorials days will never forget by us.
  • normally all of will upload status and post the wishes through status with their pictures at 12 am time.
  • but we miss the exact time to wishing loved people at their born day on early so they feel little bit sad due to late wishes from you.
  • but from now dont miss to wish on exact time and this auto send messages settings on your whatsapp.



auto send messages



benefits of this auto send messages :

  • almost we do regular jobs and works daily when your girlfriend or friends will messaged you at that time we dont who texted us.
  • when we are free at those time only we able to see, if we text back another time then opponent will feel sometimes it happens.
  • from today set the auto messages settings to send chat messages to your favorite contacts those who chat daily with you at particular time.
  • we able to send auto bot messages like if they say hello to you then commonly what would reply is hii set in settings.
  • if messages received from chooses contacts then auto send messages will work for surely guys.



what is the application name :

  • for downloading new app on mobiles basically will use the playstore.
  • we should go head the enter to it ,if you see at upper side of home screen of playstore appears a search icon tool.
  • let we type Wasavi : Auto Message Scheduler name on keyboard and usually find for it friends.
  • it loads at first position press it then you see all information about app.
  • particular we need to see the main points for exact and confirm this app only or not, lets look whether its developer is Rockn Null.
  • if its correct then see it have 3.5 ratings along with four thousand reviews.
  • their are five lakh people have downloaded app which is awesome in downloading’s too.
  • finally the whole size of app is literally 9.7 mb lesser in mb too, after finding our this click on install button and wait to download.




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auto send messages installation after :

  • lets open the app from playstore at beginning welcome to wasavil banner appears, now we should press on finish button from bottom right.
  • when you touch on it contacts and accessibility consent permission asked.
  • so let them give those requirements on your mobile.
  • when accepting permission you have to come back to application again.



how to set auto send messages :

  • we could se plus icon in blue color which is at bottom right side.
  • obviously we are new here so further required to create a new task of auto send messages.
  • lets go with new task option, then choose anyone contact or enter number of whatsapp guys.
  • in another details box enter wanted main text to those whatsapp number.
  • after completing click on right tick which available on top right side of screen.
  • from new note option we can write the important things to do, such as diary it will works.



auto send messages



how to schedule whatsapp message :

  • Once all this is exhausted, you can make the settings here if you want to show you a notification before going to the message.
  • Also, if you want to send any photo or send them, you can also attach them here.
  • Now, when typing the message under which the message you want to send it, the message will automatically be scheduled.
  • Whenever you set the message to go there, the message will go automatically.



auto send messages conclusion :

  • So Guys Like this application will Works Hope that we explained very well.
  • Still any Doughts about the app Features and Keyboard settings or anything About application.
  • Then Ask Freely in our comment section we will reply and Answer the questions and solve.
  • For more applications like this So Dont Forget to Follow Our Channel.



auto send messages





auto send messages

auto send messages in whatsapp with this setting



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