best lock screen
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best lock screen supports every android mobile

best lock screen supports every android mobile


hello guys today we have got something special for you this is so humongous lock screen for your phones it means that looks pretty good for those wanted a powerful lock best lock screen supports every android mobile.



best lock screen supports every android mobile :

  • now a days all types of people are using phone as we know.
  • they will pay bill through online and the payment apps also increased.
  • all the details we gave to give on those app but we cant protect with secured lock some times.
  • But in some cases other will have chance to unlock your mobile by seeing pattern or pin.
  • it causes and leads to not good process so to set strong password lockscreen is must important.
  • thats why we bringed up this lock screen app its better than another versions.



best lock screen



now know the benefits of this best lock screen app : 

  • so far you have seen many types of locks on your mobile.
  • If not, we are going to tell us today about a screenlock that no one has ever seen on your mobile download application.
  • no pattern and no pin will appears its very different lock from other ones guys.
  • when some trying unlock whether it will fails the password or wrong password.
  • then mobile will automatically tells its not yours mobile additionally you could see gaming lock.
  • it contains among wallpapers in 4K 8K HD and those usable for free.
  • this lock screen can be used in all phones and tablets guys.



best lock screen install app in this way :

  • first of all go to playstore and enter Among Lock among us lock screen guys.
  • so app will loads within seconds now before going to install check once this info.
  • whether it is made by ZipoApps management.
  • 4.1 is the star ratings of this app with 90 k reviews.
  • only takes the mobile space upto 14 Mb and five million users has been downloaded and using the app facilities guys.
  • a party of that now click on install and must and should stay on playstore to completing downloading method.




check mobile condition with this small steps

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when best lock screen installation completes :

  • press at open button which gives new entry after downloading.
  • it would be loaded the pop up with some plans on limited version start free trial.
  • then floating window permission asked just give access to it.
  • after it other small tiny permits also displays grant them freely guys.



how to use this best lock screen application :

  • when coming to main screen lockscreen settings is shows as first options.
  • on granting permits lockscreen option will automatically turns on guys.
  • now need to set password to add on lock screen simply press on it and select security question and answer.
  • for example i choose the first pet name then immediately creating password screen opens with out numbers.
  • So create yours own password  it will saved directly and change ejected text too.
  • Well from general settings apply sound, vibration, video, swiping method etc..



best lock screen



conclusion about best lockscreen application :

  • So Finally Guys Like this application will changes the navigation animation easily.
  • If need more application like this then definitely ask in our comment section.
  • we will try to bring and Tell about Free applications on our channel guys.
  • Don’t Go Without Subscribing our Channel and Turn on Bell icon for more useful awesome applications.





best lock screen

best lock screen supports every android mobile



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