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how to set caller name announcer settings in mobile

how to set caller name announcer settings in mobile


hello guys good evening welcome back to our channel ringtones adda on this article we are going to show you that how to enable the incoming receiving caller name announcer and notification reader settings how to set caller name announcer settings in mobile.



how to set caller name announcer settings in mobile :

  • guys whenever you are driving, even if you get a message or any notification on your mobiles.
  • even if you keep your mobile in your pocket, you have to take it out.
  • If you have done this your mobile will receive a notification of any message, any call received, from which application.
  • if any message is received, it will tell you whether the message is from WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram or Twitter.
  • whole details like who sent the message and what it sent all will reads even if it how much long by your phone guys.
  • to do all things we need the help one application which safe and secure and mainly easy to use on android mobile.



caller name announcer



benefits of this caller name announcer :

  • Also, even if someone calls you, it will tell you their name clearly to understand easily.
  • when get a call from a new number or if you have not saved anyone’s number, their number will also speaks.
  • whenever you get such notifications then message also announce.
  • at that time your friends will definitely be shocked and then they will ask you how you did this trick, then tell them about this application.
  • During cycling or bike riding time we don’t have any problem directly we know the incoming caller name.
  • For long distance traveler it helps lot because the announcer will tells both caller name and battery level to pickup or not.
  • of course if its important then you go head with call or else leave easily.



lets begin downloading process :

  • now turn on the Mobile internet and open the commonly using playstore app.
  • on home page of playstore we can see search icon press it, then keyboard displays guys.
  • we should type Shouter Notification Reader name in keyboard and load it.
  • at another page app appears at second place with green speaker and other icons logo touch on it.
  • app will comes at full screen now you must view this details.
  • in that first one majorly is developer name is BHK appears down of app title with green color.
  • it has 4.5 ratings, and above 10 lakh plus people have downloaded this application friends.
  • in case if you have any doughts about application functioning good or not then go a head and see the reviews section.
  • when checkup process completes we should press the install button and stay till it downloads on smart phone.




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after downloading next method :

  • it will downloads fastly in jet speed due to its length it has approximately only 1.4 mb, too small but provides awesome facilities to us
  • if you observe we appear open button in same place of that install, so press it.
  • on starting language permission shows on popup, select language in which do you need announcements.
  • next allow contacts to receive your phone calls, then accept notification access tap yes it takes you too settings of notifications turn on shouter option.
  • successfully you did all permission access lets we show how it functions in our smartphone Friends.



how to set caller name announcer on our mobile :

  • on main screen of app we have unlimited options that we can use for free.
  • defaultly enable option will on with green tick box, if else it off then tap on box to turn on guys.
  • at master control features we required to set select the hours for the app to be silent you could keep the announcer for silent at anytime.
  • choose total weeks or one day at which hour it would stop announcing.
  • from muting options, we can off shouter by shaking our device then announcement will automatically muted.
  • if you enable screen off option then announcer will stopped or oppositely set the on screen to stop announcement.



caller name announcer



settings on caller name announcer application :

  • Now on wards notifications ,messages, time, battery and charging states, reminders etc.. will announce on your mobile.
  • from settings you could see how the voice works and we able to adjust the pitch of the voice guys.
  • on tapped it select pitch by swiping bubble in green color from low, normal, and high.
  • text to speech language setting all languages like telugu, hindi, every language will have choose according to yours mother tongue.
  • in speech settings able to increase rate of speech and pitch and we could play it from here to listen on this caller name announcer app.



caller name announcer conclusion :

  • so friends, this caller name announcer app is superb it saves you a lot of valuable time check your phone manually when a notifications comes on.
  • from now hear any incoming call or messages with aloud announcement.
  • on every time we don’t required to open phone simply who are calling, messaging, battery level statuses, reminders etc.
  • finally we home that you understand the working procedure of this caller name announcer application.
  • we will catch up you on next article so untill please check our previous awesome tips and tricks based articles.
  • you gonna learn something new things on every day through our channel, thanks for reading bye friends.







caller name announcer

how to set caller name announcer settings in mobile


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