compress resize images

how to compress resize images in our mobile

how to compress resize images in our mobile


hello guys this is our new article from this you could learn how to compress longer mb pictures photos with single tap so that we can share to anyone by compressing its size how to compress resize images in our mobile.



how to compress resize images in our mobile :

  • Friends, whether an Android or iOS smartphone is introduced in the middle all
  • smartphone manufacturers putting more emphasis on the camera of the device.
  • That indicates that they want to improve both the camera’s sharpness and the quality of the pictures it takes.
  • So guys the images will extremely great quality because you recently took them with such mobile devices.
  • Due to the fact that we like the images we take, our photo storage space is also extremely high (4 MB, 5 MB, etc.).
  • We continue to take pictures because we don’t want to erase them.



compress resize images



benefits of this compress resize images :

  • anytime we wanted to send anyone the best photographs, guys.
  • Then occasionally the high quality photos may not supported by sharing systems like email, share it, and mostly WhatsApp.
  • Naturally, we immediately begin to resize the image with the compressor.
  • Additionally, they could charge for subscriptions in particular browsers, and that to size won’ shrunk as much and the image quality will decreases.
  • however, we can download and resize images with this tool, and the picture quality isn’t awful either.
  • If our original image is 30 megabytes for example, we may save images.
  • After compression, the file size is reduced by around 50% to 15 megabytes while maintaining the same level of quality.
  • Please check out the paragraphs below for the complete application information.



how should this application be installed :

  • If you have an Android phone, the Play Store app will automatically placed in Google Apps folder.
  • Go ahead and launch it right away from that page; on the main page, you may access all categories with various apps.
  • But right now, we can only use the search bar located in the upper right corner of the screen, compress resize images.
  • We must input Photo Compress & Resize on your keyboard appears.
  • At 9, an application with a leaf-shaped icon and a green background logo shows.
  • When you tap it, the app displays all the details on another page screen.




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see this main points before going to install :

  • On the shot below, the title “Photo Compress & Resize” has the developer’s name RemiNC in green coating.
  • This app has an excellent rating of 2.6 out of 5 stars.
  • application has downloaded more than ten thousand times, and 283 reviews from users rate it as excellent.
  • Click the option with the right side arrow that appears at the bottom of the app’s picture section.
  • Scroll down to discover whether the app published on December 13, 2022.
  • The app updated on January 12th of current year 2023.
  • Finally, once you have verified all of these straightforward things, click “install.”



next steps after installation :

  • Some mobile devices will scan the programme for security reasons when the download is complete.
  • The open button might then be seen click it to proceed.
  • App home screen is shown straight without requesting any permissions.
  • So, at the moment no permission is require to start, but while using features
  • from the main page, permission for media and photographs is required.



compress resize images



how to compress resize images :

  • We could notice three alternatives on the app’s main screen that are on the negative side: Editor, Collabe, Camera, etc.
  • select the editor option in the first drop-down menu, and all the editing tools will appear.
  • Now you may apply a lot of filters to your photo and crop the image with different effects, compress resize images.
  • comparable Colour filters, overlay, ratio, text addition, blurring, drawing, etc.
  • After finishing your edits, click the Save button in the upper right corner, and your gallery will instantly saved.



compress resize images conclusion :

  • like this, you may quickly compress and resize photographs while collapsing your albums friends, compress resize images.
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  • If you experience any unneeded issues while using the application.
  • Afterward, kindly discuss them in our comment section.
  • so that we are aware of the problems you are having and may hear your thoughts on our channel.
  • Overally We’ll see you in another article of the same caliber when you continue to follow our work.



compress resize images





how to compress resize images in our mobile


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