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Set Digital Clock When Charging In Any Mobile

Set Digital Clock When Charging In Any Mobile


Hello Friends Welcome back our channel today we will explain how to set Digital clock and you can check battery total information while charging, Your mobile will looks very attractive. Set Digital Clock On Charging In Any Mobile.



Set Digital Clock On Charging In Any Mobile :

  • Friends, You have download small application that we will explain total process In this article.
  • This amazing useful application is now available on Playstore with 3.9 Plus ratings,1 Million Plus downloads ,56K plus Good reviews.
  •  This application Is developed by Zipoapps management and Launched on September 19  2020.
  • They Also Recently updated this application with more features and released on June 12 2022.
  • Friends you have to spend only 7.3 Mb Data to download this application.



Benefits Of This Application :

  • Friends you can check all important information of your mobile without opening settings option of your mobile.
  • This application will show Digital clock ,Battery Charging ,ram, internal storage, and other information .
  • To set this information you don’t need to open and clean ram and storage.
  • If your friends can see this look on your mobile then they will Definitely shocked with this amazing look on charging.
  • They will starts asking you how did you did this continuously.
  • So download this application and shock your friends, Girlfriend, Or Boyfriend etc..



Disadvantages Without This Application :

  • Friends on Your normal Mobile there is no Attractive look and while charging there will be normal look will appeared.
  • To Change Your mobile look simply download this application and shock your friends.
  • On normal mobiles if you have to clean ram and check battery status then you need to open settings and check. so you will waste time On those settings.
  • To solve this issue now simply download this small application .
  • Application is fully free of cost to use on your mobiles.




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How To Download This Application :

  • Friends to download this application now simply open your mobile and turn on Mobile data or Connect with Your Wi-Fi.
  • After connected with your mobile data now  open your mobile Playstore.
  • There you can see search bar at top of your screen, Click on the search bar .
  • Thenafter clicked on search bar your keyboard will opened friends.
  • On that keyboard now typed application name is Digital Clock and Battery Charge.



Installation Procedure :

  • After typed application name now simply click on enter button friends.
  • Then Playstore will loads some applications on those apps you need to find our application in the Logo of Battery icon  with date and time on it, Developed by Zip apps .
  • In addition finded out this app then simply click on the application.
  • There you have Install Option Simply click on the install option to download.
  • After clicked on Install Option now wait few seconds to download application.



After Downloaded Permissions :

  • Friends, A few seconds later application will successfully downloaded on your mobile.
  • Now On Playstore you can see Uninstall And Open Options then you have to click only on Open Option ,Don’t click on Uninstall option.
  • Then application will be opened after little bit time, home screen of Application be opened.
  • Friends you have give small permissions later on this application we will explain.




Settings On This Application :

  • For settings on this application simply click on Settings option at middle of your screen.
  • Friends there are lots settings will have application you can use all settings freely.
  • On those settings you can change Background color ,text color, and time format.
  • Friend’s you can set option to talking time when two times tap on time.
  • By default application will have settings if you want to remove them you can remove by untick on the box .



How To Use This Application :

  • Now finally after all settings simply come back application home screen friends.
  • Simply Click on first option Live wallpapers this option is used to set Digital clock on Home screen now simply on Apply option at bottom of your screen.
  • After this option Come back to Application home screen Now click on Second option Night Clock this option is used to set night time  with dark background amazing look.
  • If You want to change this colors  then click on icon at bottom and change colors and text everything.



More Features On This Application :

  • Now coming to Third Feature Is set Alarm this is used add alarm on your mobile .
  • Not Only alarm you can add Sound message too friends.
  • To set sound alarm simply set time ,day and Click on sound messages and type any thing you need then after click on Right tick at bottom of screen.
  • After this Setting Now Simply click on Notifications Option this used to set Notification sound at charging level decreasing.
  • Set Any percentage and click on tick box at right side of your screen.
  • So that’s it friends about this application working procedure.



Conclusion About This Application :

  • If Any Issue’s And problems while using this application you can simply ask on our comment section friends.
  • We will definitely answer to your issues.
  • So, Please Don’t Forget To Subscribe Our Channel For More Upcoming updates and click on bell icon for notifications from our channel.





Set Digital Clock When Charging In Any Mobile



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