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disable touch while watching movies & listening music

disable touch while watching movies & listening music


hello friends welcome to ringtones adda after long time we are again back with new topic which is gong useful while watching movies and listening music disable touch while watching movies & listening music.



disable touch while watching movies & listening music :

  • every one will use the mobile on daily life guys.
  • so we download the music and watch videos, &movies when we listening watching.
  • on going playing media the unwanted touches will happen so that we will irritate on some times.
  • when unwanted fingers touch happens then automatically mobile will opens other apps and settings.
  • thats why we cant able to watch anything perfectly and freely because those unwanted touches.



disable touch



disable touch benefits :

  • with our trick you can watch any movie and song without any tension of unwanted touches friends.
  • the accidental touches will never happen again by following our instructions.
  • you think how would this works so it can be done with small app which is available app downloading store.
  • when watching just select area to disable touch of your screen therefore touch will disabled their over.
  • no need to bother on incoming calls receiving the app will automatically re enables touch it self when calls detected, disable touch.
  • then you can lift calls and talk freely with out tension after call conversation its automatic disable touch its very pretty good process.



know how to install disable touch :

  • lets start download so guys now we should turn on mobile data to apply this tricks.
  • then open the regular most famous and every android mobile having playstore.
  • you look and observe the searching icon and addition an empty box with it.
  • we should touch on it and want to type Disable Touch name in keyboard and load it guys.
  • on upcoming page our app will be placed on second position with 4.2 ratings.
  • additionally 3.7 Mb of length of app and 100 k plus downloads.
  • so instead of going to click installation require to check this info.
  • later simply tap at install option and wait for a while for some time to continue downloading process.




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what next after installation disable touch :

  • newly two options are shown they are uninstall and open.
  • simply we should go for open then only we able use the app and dont even touch on uninstall.
  • when clicked uninstall all we done till here will completely wasted guys so be careful at choosing.
  • coming to point now our app will starts opening with permits on firstly ask to allow phone calls to manage.
  • just grant it by pressing allow option next all the instructions will displayed.



lets learn how to use disable touch :

  • in instructions page the app management will explained detailly.
  • so our feature will works as press the touch control button to enable the service.
  • once the touch is disabled we can easily reenable by pressing the enable option.
  • on the notification or do in another way by closing the app from the recents.
  • we have Enable Touch Control with red color just press over it guys.
  • then you go to floating windows management from their choose and on the disable touch app button, disable touch.
  • so finally its done now our app starts working and we get an notification.
  • when swiping notification section we observe three types of options.
  • one is Disable Touch, middle option if Enable Touch, last one is Cancel.
  • according to need time choose those features and enjoy you watching and listening, many other etc..



disable touch



disabletouch conclusion  :

  • So Guy’s Like This Application Will Works Easily On Any Mobile.
  • IF You like this article then Share With Others about this disabletouch.
  • Share this Useful Application With Your close Friends and Others.
  • If Any Issues occurring  When Your Using this application.
  • Then Let we Know through In Our Comment Section.
  • We will Solve Your Issues, finally we tell you one thing from our side is only request to follow us and give your valuable support.







disable touch

disable touch while watching movies & listening music


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