electronic buzzer

Best working electronic buzzer for alarm & alerts

Best working electronic buzzer for alarm & alerts


Hello Friends welcome to Telugu Experiments channel in this article we show new amazing device which is used to make alerts, sound for alarm etc.. Best working electronic buzzer for alarm & alerts.



Best working electronic buzzer for alarm & alerts :

  • friends this buzzer is being used in bikes, cars, for alarms and type of science square projects this little device will takes main place.
  • if you dont know about it are finding for best buzzers we suggest this in article.
  • recently telugu experiments youtube channel made the rain detector by using it.
  • firstly they fixed out the blades on some plane panel.
  • then attached wire in between two last parts.
  • the blades should placed as a sequence and joint the wires with glue or soldering friends.
  • then take the 5 volts battery which is available in all general stores in our cities.
  • after command those to wires to this battery thats when the rain are fallen on blades the buzzer will automatically rings.



electronic buzzer



some main details about electronic buzzer :

  • so this electronic buzzer is made by brand Core Technologies.
  • the global ratings of this buzzer on amazon are 3.7.
  • more than 33 percent people rated 5 stars, 25% are 4star, 18 percent are with 3, and 12 % public with 2 stars.
  • of course if it is not working or errors by default on delivering you might return it in 10 days time period.
  • the country of origin is India from any where you can buy easily.
  • it is has only 20 Grams of weight, simply you can hold& attach anywhere you needed guys.



how to buy this buzzer :

  • obviously in this generation all are using shopping apps which more popular amazon and flipkart and others.
  • we ordered it from amazon and dont know that this app having in flipkart.
  • continue with amazon app or with website guys.
  • do login before going to shopping, then at upside you’ll find searching bar.
  • simply touch that empty box and start typing, DC 3-24V Industrial Continuous Sound Electronic Buzzer Black.




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price of electronic buzzer :

  • it appear at first place when you entered the correct name.
  • talking about its cost it haves below hundred rupees guys.
  • exactly its actual price is 154 but with 45% discount it comes under 84 indian rupees very cheaper and worthable.



how to order it in amazon :

  • when you entered the name, in other page buzzer will shows in picture black with attaching red and black wires.
  • open it and press buy now option.
  • all the amount will calculated according to yours delivery address.
  • more 20 or 40 rupees of payment will increased as a shipping charges.
  • just go head and lastly choose payment method or place cash on delivery and pay when it receives.




electronic buzzer

Best working electronic buzzer for alarm & alerts


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