How to see girlfriend whatsapp chats in our mobile

How to see girlfriend whatsapp chats in our mobile


Hi guys hope all are fine, so from this article learn the unknown trick which you dont before which is we could see others whatsapp like your Childrens, lover, besties and whom you want to see their whatsapp chat list and last seen etc with using small trick How to see girlfriend whatsapp chats in our mobile.



How to see girlfriend whatsapp chats in our mobile :

  • if you any dought and what people you known are doing in whatsapp.
  • we cant see common last seen of others if they hide that option.
  • to check anyone whatsapp chat list, must & should take atleast one time their phone for scanning purpose.
  • because further their is no option in whatsapp to see another chat.
  • thats why we dont with whom they were texting and when they are coming online etc. friends.
  • but we have an option to check another’s whatsapp, are you curious with that then do download below provided application.



girlfriend whatsapp chats



benefits of application :

  • in this generation lot of love breakups & failures are happening because of whatsapp chatting’s.
  • means the lovers will commonly chat in whatsapp, we dont that anyone can chat with others etc.
  • if you have dought on your lover then just check their whatsapp to know whats happening friends.
  • not only lovers, if your parent see your Childrens chat list and conversations what else they are doing with mobile.
  • on which time opponents or coming to whatsapp and how many times they opening chat every thing will knows with single application.



installation method of girlfriend whatsapp chats app :

  • if your user of android phone then open the playstore.
  • on of playstore home could see searching section.
  • in that enter W- Track : Last Seen text and continue for loading.
  • at another page app placed in third position friends.
  • fastly you might identify by seeing green background with eye icon along along with W word.
  • when finds this similarities press it once, whole information displays front of us.




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check this info and press install :

  • its been from software Universe Teknoloji Ltd..
  • playstore has rated it 3.1 and people commented about functionality around 19 thousand plus.
  • handles easily on every android device because it is lesser in size about 10 Mb.
  • 10L+ started using at before, if you’re then must try this now.
  • after looking out this little info touch install friends.



what are the permissions required :

  • welcome and intro appears at beginning similar like other apps.
  • skip that with next button given below, and continue finally with done option.
  • then important notice shows which means tracking starts within fifteen minutes.
  • for that you have to click next button.



girlfriend whatsapp chats



using process of girlfriend whatsapp chats application :

  • on another step Name and Phone number ask to add.
  • so fill the brackets with contact and enter number too.
  • finishing after press start button, then attention pop up comes.
  • it tells that once you given numbers cant be changed in future.
  • remind that notice and check twice what you have entered and confirm it friends.
  • overally accept the final step to check girlfriend whatsapp chats.
  • in additionally take premium version for extra benefits and advantages.



settings in girlfriend whatsapp chats app :

  • at first place settings option is placed.
  • it uses to get instant notification when you’re girlfriend chatting on which time.
  • notifies each and every second according to contact number list numbers.
  • to get reports on email then give mail and save it.



girlfriend whatsapp chats



girlfriend whatsapp chats conclusion :

  • this was the whatsapp hidden tricks, if you dont before then do follow us more like it and know daily new tips& tricks.
  • we tried to cover all topics about seeing others whatsapp in our phone.
  • if this not works properly on your mobiles then make comment below.
  • immediately when we read, must try to help for solving your issues.
  • finally thank you for reading article take care bye.





How to see girlfriend whatsapp chats in our mobile

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