How to increase RAM any android phone Upto 16GB

How to increase RAM any android phone Upto 16GB


hello friends welcome to ringtones adda channel after long gap we’re back with amazing trick, if you’re worrying with lag and slow down process in your android device then we suggest the best ever suggestions to increase our mobile ram so without any late lets start the increase RAM any android phone Upto 16GB.



increase RAM any android phone Upto 16GB :

  • in our phones when we install unknown apps and browsing, or playing games time we do see the lag on phone.
  • coming to small phones which are low ram consumption mobiles are heavily struck due to lesser ram and processor.
  • this happens on phones because of unwanted junks and trash, viruses.
  • the only one solution to remove and resolve this problem is to download this single app.
  • in this article we have given the app link and downloading process.



increase RAM



benefits of increase RAM application :

  • we can play any type of game in lesser ram devices that too without any hanging issues guys.
  • something smoothness will feel while using phone.
  • increase ram from 2 to 3 gb to upto sixteen giga bytes its very high ram.
  • it will identify the large files on your storage & then you might delete and clean unwanted files to increase speed of mobile.
  • free the up the phone and cools whenever the processor heats in our device, so that you would secure phone more heating issue.
  • use this cleaner at once on daily so that phone will faster.



how to install this increase RAM application :

  • fast a fall we need to connect mobile with internet or else with any wifi and hotspot guys.
  • then open playstore on your device, you might observe the searching section at upper side of interface screen.
  • automatic keyboard will rendered, so we all need to do type AVAST CLEANUP – PHONE CLEANER.
  • then look out this titled app in the playstore friends.




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check up this options :

  • while we’re checking, in that first one is developer of app is Avast Software.
  • that above name will find out at down of app title.
  • you can find the app with 4.3 ratings it is most popular to guys.
  • approximately and more number of people downloaded, above 5 crore +plus.
  • Of course you have something questions that how does it works and functions.
  • straight forwardly go through reviews about increase RAM app and see the public opinion in your hands.
  • later checking all this continue with install option friends.



installation later :

  • to download it on your mobile it takes some of the seconds for installation.
  • open option comes on playstore page, press on it.
  • then Avast Clean up starting window will displayed.
  • in that page you observe get started blue color layer option at down.
  • so then it starts loading, on mainscreen of app you could see cleaning setup.
  • used space and free space, it shows the current status of storage on screen.



increase RAM



how to use this increase RAM application :

  • so friends please do touch start here button which take place at middle of screen.
  • then some permissions displays, give those to access.
  • Nextly grant usage access permit further app will check all the apps usage files.
  • at home layout we could see the Quick Clean, so whenever you click at middle in blue color.
  • then the scanning starts and shows all the estimated files and cache, browse data which is unwanted and as well app data too.
  • to remove all those trash simply touch finish cleaning option which is at bottom of screen guys.
  • with in fraction of seconds junk will cleaned.



conclusion :

  • finally this is working process of this increase RAM.
  • if you have any lag, and heating and other problems in mobile, then please do download this app.
  • if you like this article then comment below and also ask your questions too, we will respond to your message.
  • thank you for opening this article and reading our content, stay tuned with us bye.





increase RAM

How to increase RAM any android phone Upto 16GB


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