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Best Life Straw water filter under budget range

Best Life Straw water filter under budget range


Hello friends welcome back to our channel today we gonna show you the best water filter that helps us at any time in our daily life mostly who dont have purified and filtered water on their location areas this gadget will helps you lot Best Life Straw water filter under budget range.



Best Life Straw water filter under budget range :

  • so friends when we are at home we have sufficient filtered water.
  • but you are at outside means going to trips, camping’s, or in forest surroundings you dont have filtered water.
  • though you carry the water it will finished at some times.
  • at those time we worry about to drinking water, because water will makes our body hydrated and healthy energy.
  • drinking more water is safe to our human beings further we must and should need to carry this gadget with you any anytime.



Life Straw



Life Straw Benefits :

  • usually at outside like in forest we cant drink the river and any dusty water.
  • because it is unpurified and contains so much of bacteria, dirt and sand etc.
  • if unfortunately and in needed time drink that water, our health will damages.
  • to purify that dirty, sandy water within seconds by using this gadget.
  • it clears all types of bacteria 99.9% and other particles, germs, microplastics etc in short period of time friends.
  • so it is so much safe to drink those unfiltered water through this gadget.
  • the taste and quality of dirty water will changes automatic when you put this gadget in that easily drink how much you want.
  • on travelling and camping times or other emergency situations this product uses particularly to filter water.



what is that gadget and specifications :

  • if you want to know the gadget name it is called as Life Straw.
  • which is currently available on amazon, already we have given gadget link please check out.
  • So coming to specifications it has only weight of 45.8 g.
  • the dimensions of it is 30.7L x 9.4W x 4.5H Centimeters.
  • currently it might be available in green color guys.
  • LSPHF047 and especially it is NSF Certified product.
  • mainly it doesn’t require the batteries, power and other parts to work.




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how to buy & whats the price of product :

  • recently this life straw is available on amazon from the date 15 january 2022.
  • packer and imported by Great Rocksport Pvt. Ltd.
  • its generic name is water filter also, so everyone will recognize fastly.
  • according to customers who bought before are reviewed and shared their personal experience which is awesome gadget.
  • Contains of 4.7 ratings out of 5 star it superb in ratings too friends.
  • overally coming to main part is price so it is budget friendly product which comes under 1299 , we have 13% discount, and its actual cost is 1490.



gadget purchasing method :

  • obviously everyone knows the amazon app and website.
  • go head with any of those or else we provide direct link in downside of article.
  • simply move over their and click on buy now option.
  • its commonly asks to give address and shipment place.
  • after that the payment method appears, choose which process do you need to pay the amount.
  • to pay after getting the product home, then select cash on Delivery (COD) option.
  • thats it One time password or Call from amazon will receives to your phone.
  • enter that otp here and click place order thats it within time period order will reached to your place guys.



Life Straw



how to use this Life Straw product :

  • after reaching the product simply open the cover.
  • then you get the user manual which contains in many languages, its quite common for every gadgets.
  • their ours product comes with little lanyard made out of paracord its a nylon rope.
  • finally lets head down to water where you found the brown and dirt water.
  • put the straw in that water and hold for few minutes such as 1 or 2.
  • so remove the stick of Life straw outside after little bit.
  • then drink the from other side  thats it simple.



conclusion about Life Straw :

  • the taste will good, so every one must try this interesting gadget.
  • in summer or in rainy season we can easily drink any coloured water in 2 minutes through it.
  • stay safe drink healthy filtered water for good health.
  • for detailed information and for live video about the life straw working please do check TELUGU EXPERIMENTS Youtube Channel.
  • so thats it for today will meet on another article bye guys.




Life Straw

Best Life Straw water filter under budget range


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