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Now Lock Incoming Calls No One Can See Your Calls

Now Lock Incoming Calls No One Can See Your Calls


Hello Friends Welcome To Our Channel Today On This Article We will Discuss how To Apply Lock on Your Incoming Calls so that No One can See Your Personal Incoming Calls Like Girlfriend or Boyfriend calls set Lock then No one Call Know The Incoming call and No Options Will Have Lift calls. Now Lock Incoming Calls No One Can See Your Calls.



Now Lock Incoming Calls No One Can See Your Calls :

  • Guys To Set Lock on Incoming Calls Further You have To Install Small Application Will Be Needed.
  • Because In Mobiles There You Dont have Feature to Set Lock On Incoming Lock.
  • For That You dont Need To Go Anywhere and Search for application.
  • So dont worry Friends we Will Explain Whole Using Procedure Of the application.
  • Then You will Get Full Clearly On this app Using Process.





Information About The Incoming Calls Application :

  • Guys This Application is now available on Playstore with Playstore rating of 3.9 Plus.
  • If You Want This application Users  there are 1 Million Plus Downloads and Using the app Successfully.
  • You have 11 Thousand Plus Good Reviews and Ratings .
  • Finally App Was developed By Approids Tech and they Launched on August 20,2014.
  • They Also Updated With Extra Benefits and Features, fixed bugs and Released om March 23, 2022.
  • Guys You need Only 6.2 Mb Data to Use App On your mobile after Download Use Freely without any issue.



Benefits Of This Application :

  • On Using This App You can easily Lock Your Incomings calls Such as all Contacts Calls ,Known Calls, Unknown Calls, All Incoming calls , and you may Select Which Calls Do you want lock.
  • So that You will Secured From others When You are holding Mobile in Group Discussions Like.
  • If you are in discussion in Suddenly Girl friend or boyfriend Called then You can escape from caller Name, then No one can ask you.
  • Guys If in Home when You keep Mobile in charging on that time if your girlfriend or Boyfriend Calls you So you Will Save From Lock Incoming calls.
  • After Applying this app Settings then Your Have No Problem after seen your parents also.




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Disadvantages Without This Incoming Calls  Application :

  • Without this App You face Lots of issues Because If your Home Then On that Your GirlFriend will calls.
  • So automatically you saved name will appear on screen ,If Unfortunately Or Suddenly your Parents will seen The Name.
  • Then They will Starts Asking you and your Love matter will Knows To Your Parents ,Then Next you know What they Do.
  • Parents will Punish You for maintaining Girlfriend or Boyfriend, So Feel sad Guys.
  • To Solve all This incoming calls Issue Download the app and Save From lot of Problems.
  • So, Without any Delay lets Starts the Downloading Procedure Of This Small App.



How To Download This Application :

  • Finally Guys To Download the Application You Have To Open Playstore of Your mobile.
  • Make Sure That you turn On the mobile data or Connected With WIFI For Internet.
  • After Opened Playstore You have Search bar at Top Of the screen ,so press on that.
  • Then Automatically keyboard will opens ,Now Type the application name is Incoming Call Lock and click the Enter Button.





Downloading Procedure In Playstore :

  • Guys After Clicked on Enter Button, then Playstore Will Loads Some Apps In those Apps.
  • You have to identify Our Small App in the Logo Of Incoming call Lock text with Pin Lock Screen ,Developed by Approids Tech.
  • Then After Finded out the application Simply Click on it ,there you can Appeared Another Interface With Install Button.
  • So Finally Click on the Instill button to Download this useful app, After clicked on wait Few Seconds To Download Application.



After Downloaded Any Permissions :

  • Friends Later Some Seconds application will Successfully Downloads On your mobile.
  • You can Open By Going Home Screen of Mobile ad You can Open in Playstore too.
  • Now Coming To Playstore You have Uninstall and Open Options, So click only on open.
  • If you clicked on Uninstall Option then App will deleted and you need to to download again from Playstore, So Tap only on Open.
  • After Clicked on open Option then app opened little bit time later ,and Opens With interface of Homescreen.



Lock Incoming Calls



Important Permission’s To Allow :

  • On Home screen of app you have to Click on Step 1 permission Draw Over the apps.
  • Simply Click on it and app will takes you to settings from there you need to give this app permission and Come Back Application Homescreen.
  • Now Click on Second permission read Phone start and Click on Allow
  • You can Appeared Those permissions after giving Permits it will turn in To Goren color.
  • Guys Allow This permissions To Unlock other Features of app.



Finally How To Use This Application :

  • Friends in addition Giving those Permissions ,Then Second Step Will Opened Is Set Lock Type.
  • So Tap on the Step 2 and Select Which You need Lock Type such as Pin Or Pattern.
  • In addition Selected the Lock Type You can See Third Step Will Opened which you are selected in Lock type.
  • Now Press on Step 3 To Set Lock From this You can Create The Lock Pattern Or pin and Confirm it.
  • After This above  Step 3 All Other options also Enable, Finally Another Step 4 Option is Enable Lock Simply Tick the Box to set Lock on Incoming Calls From now Onwards.



Lock Incoming Calls



Settings On This Application :

  • Finally Setting Will Opened After Some Permissions Later 5 Step is now Settings .
  • To Check Settings Click on Settings Option there You have Lots Of Amazing options To se Friends.
  • Now Clicking Enable Auto start This Setting Simply Clink any Allow Setting To Start The Working Procedure of this app.
  • You can add Background Caller incoming call Screen and You can Hide or Display Caller name.
  • If you Need Fingerprint Lock on Incoming call Then Click on The setting and apply Fingerprint.
  • Guys If You want To Disconnect If Earphone Remove then set this too easily by Tap on the Options.
  • For hide your Personal Incoming calls Then Click on Call Type  to lock and set Who you want to Lock.





Now Lock Incoming Calls No One Can See Your Calls


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