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how to lock mobile safely with this settings

how to lock mobile safely with this settings


hello friends good morning and welcome back to todays article from this you learn how to lock phone safely with different types of Locking systems & patterns, not only lock we able to hide our personal apps, photos, videos etc in addition know who are unlocking our smartphone when when we keep phone somewhere else find those persons with their face how to lock mobile safely with this settings.



how to lock mobile safely with this settings :

  • who are using the below 4gb ram phones such as 2gb or 3gb are mostly not secure that much in locking system.
  • because many of those dont have the perfect lock features like fingerprint or and vaults to hide our personals.
  • so at those situations obviously we go head and download unwanted hiding vaults from different browsers.
  • when you install those fake application it works good but many ads appear.
  • it causes to consumes our data, battery and junk files will entered in to our smartphone guys.



lock mobile safely



lock mobile safely benefits :

  • overally we face many problems due to unrequired apps, phone will hangs, start lagging and over heats due those lock apps.
  • but with this lock mobile safely application no issues are occur while using it and have more benefits too in lock mobile safely app.
  • hide all your images and videos that you dont want show with others, you could arrange all that files at another place.
  • lock secretly using apps which are important to you that you do work on it, so no one can touch you hidden apps without password.
  • if you feeling bore with normal lock like fingerprint, pattern, pin systems.
  • then set amazing locking ways by this app which provides 10 plus locking types.



lock mobile safely what is the original name of application :

  • playstore is the best ever app for installation of new apps in our smartphone.
  • lets open it now and touch at search tool icon which available at top screen.
  • when tapped it keyboard of phone will shows their we need to enter Ultra Lock- App Lock & Vault.
  • it loads at other page with developer Mirage Stacks.
  • app contains 4.3 ratings which is super ratings out of 5.
  • ten lakh and more people have downloaded and in those sixteen thousand users are shared their experiences with app in reviews section.
  • when you complete checking press on install button which appear in dark green color friend.




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after downloaded what next :

  • when waiting for some seconds app will successfully installed on your mobile.
  • it installs fastly due to its size is 7.4 Mb that’s why downloaded speedly.
  • on tapping open we entered to app, at starting we could see to create new pin page guys, lock mobile safely.
  • so give any four digit number and remember those pin and confirm it in second time, then touch on right tick mark available at bottom right.
  • pin will saved successfully, we have to accept them by clicking grant options.
  • primary permission is data usage access and other is display over another apps, so allow those two from system settings and come back to app.



how to use this lock mobile safely application :

  • on first main page of app we could see apps, photos , videos sections.
  • those usually uses to hide and lock our personal data guys.
  • lets know how to lock apps, simply check which app do you want to lock and touch on lock icon then enable the auto start permission then automatically app will locked and they will opens only with your pin.
  • so now move forward to photos hiding, have touch on photos and allow media files permission.
  • presently no photos added to vault so far click plus + to add images that’s  selected pictures will hidden.
  • coming to videos hide similarly its process also same as it is photos hiding.



lock mobile safely



settings in this application :

  • to apply lock screen with different types we have to open settings from three dot line from right corner of screen.
  • most of the features are given in settings only friends.
  • let we change lock system by primary setting lock type.
  • their will be many more options will have to set lock such as hours and minutes pin, date and month pin, etc.
  • choose any one and apply lock according to it on smartphones, lock mobile safely.



lock mobile safely conclusion :

  • in this manner we can set delayed lock, time based lock, and many pattern type.
  • and another main settings will uses is intruder detection.
  • from this setting find who tried to unlock your phone without permission, lock mobile safely.
  • add numeric keyboard that helps at randomly arranged to prevent others from guessing you pin, lock mobile safely.
  • so that’s all for this article we will back soon with another topic.
  • follow our content to know new tricks and tips about mobiles.



lock mobile safely






how to lock mobile safely with this settings


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