How To Lock Mobile In Different Way

How To Lock Mobile In Different Way


Hello Friends Welcome Back to Our Channel In this article we are going To explain an Interesting Lock Screen application, With The Help This Application You can Lock Your mobile screen In Different way, So no one can Find your Pin And no one can Unlock mobile without permission. If anyone trying to unlock They can’t Guess where the unlock Pin as to enter, Because this application will locks screen with safety Door. How To Lock Mobile In Different Way



How To Lock Mobile In Different Way :

  • Friends this useful application is now available on Play store with 3.8 ratings, 10 Million Plus Downloads, and 37 K Plus Amazing reviews.
  • This application Is Fully free of cost to use on any mobile.
    Application was developed by Q Locker Management and launched on January 9 2015.
  • They Also Recently updated this application with More features and Released on October 12 2022.
  • Friends you to spend Only 9.5 Mb Data to Download This application.



Benefits Of This Application :

  • There are various types of Benefits You have while using this application friends.
  • You can use this app without any issues and problem.
  • Friends If You give your mobile to your friends then No need to worry about your personal information by using this app mobile will Not unlock Until you enter passwords and gestures.
  • Then Others can only see Door on your lock screen they can’t know how to unlock, then they simply give your mobile back to you after lots of Unlock trying’s.
  • They Can’t Even Guess the password under the door so you can easily have some fun with your Friends, Girlfriend, Boyfriend.
    So Download and Try this amazing application.



Disadvantages Without This Application :

  • Friends if You have lots of Personal Information On your mobile Then anyone one unlocks your mobile by seeing password in any situation.
  • Not Only Gallery, They can Easily take your amount on your payments application.
  • So that You a chance to lose all of your data friends.
  • On Using This application, you will saved from All of this issues friends.
  • Because no one can guess your password they will see only door display on Lock screen.
  • So Please download application and save from these problems.




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How To Download This Application :

  • To Download This Useful application Now simply open your mobile and Turn On mobile data or Connect with your Wi-Fi.
  • After Connected with Internet Now open your mobile Playstore
  • On Playstore you can see search bar at top of your screen now click on the search then Mobile keyboard will opened.
  • Now on that keyboard type application name is Door Lock Screen.



Installation Procedure :

  • Then after typed application name now simply click on enter button friends.
  • Now Playstore will loads some applications on those apps you have to find our useful app in logo of Closed door with white color background, Developed by Q Locker.
  • After Finded this application, tap on application, there you can see Install Option.
  • Then click on Install option and wait few seconds to download.



After Downloaded Permissions :

Friends few seconds later application will successfully downloaded on your mobile.
Then you can see Uninstall And Install options, you have to click only on Install option friends, Don’t click on Uninstall.
After clicked on open option application will take little bit time and opens with the interface of permission.
Friends Application will asks Display over other apps permission now simply click on Grant option.



Important Permission To Allow :

  • Then app will takes you to mobile settings from there you have to turn on Door lock Screen .
  • Now simply turn on Door Lock screen and Come back again to application.
  • Next permission is notifications access, Now same click on Grant permission and
  • Application will redirected to mobile setting from there you have to all this application friends.
  • After give permission again come back to application, there you have Get started option, Simply tap on get started option.



How To Use This Application :

  • Friends after completed all those permissions then application home screen will opened successfully.
  • Now, mainly to lock your mobile with Door then click on Lock Icon at bottom right side of your screen.
  • From this Lock Icon You can see preview of your lock screen is this Amazing look.
    To Lock your screen now simply on Add Pin option in security section.
  • Then Create any Four-digit password, or if you need more password length then simply click on Three Dot line at top right of your screen.
  • After created password now simply you will come to app home screen.
  • Friends now lock your mobile and try to unlock you can see first mobile lock and after unlocking first lock.
  • Then second Our application lock will Comes successfully.
    Not Only pin you can use Face lock also by using Intruder selfie option.



More Features On This application :

  • If anyone tried to unlock your mobile, then this application Will Takes photos and send to your email too
  • To use intruder selfie option now click on option Then tap on Turn On Option and allow camera and media permissions.
  • There You can set wrong attempts for selfie photo and next add your email to receive photos.
  • This application will also save photos on Intruder photos option you can check from this setting.
  • Friends you can change this application themes, Door sounds, Date and Time and key pad theme and other easily.
  • To change this simply tap and add your favorite themes and Door sounds keypad themes etc..



Conclusion About This Application :

  • Hope you all understand this useful application features,
  • If any problems while using this app, then you can freely ask in the comment section we will reply to the comment and solve it as soon as possible friends.
  • So, please don’t forget to subscribe to our channel, and hit the like button if you like this video, share this video if possible.





How To Lock Mobile In Different Way

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