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how to create our name dj song in phone

how to create our name dj song in phone


hi guys welcome to tech love boy we explain you that how to create our name dj song in mobile with small procedure hope everyone likes their own name song if you have interest in it continue reading till end how to make our name dj song in mobile.



how to make our name dj song in mobile :

  • actually when we go for some ones marriages such as friends and relatives etc..
  • on coming to ending they will take rally like enjoy with  the dj songs.
  • While playing songs we observe the names on the dj song like remix.
  • So how they are come and can we prepare them on mobile,. yes absolutely we could create  those dj name songs by our name.
  • for example at middle of the playing song we get Dj raju name and other names in those place know you can arrange yours name too.
  • to create names on dj song we required to download the Tiny application.
  • then you can make the your name dj song easily with simple steps.



name dj song



name dj song marvelous benefits :

  • if you play music or love dj songs then must tried to add the name on songs.
  • but its not simple to make the dj name song no problem here we are to tell some easiest methods.
  • If you also want to set your name to appear in the songs you like, you need to download a application for that.
  • Then you don’t have to struggle much guys.
  • just select the song you like and put your name wherever you want.
  • There you can do the settings as you like.
  • After hearing all this you may think that you should download the application and make a song on your name as well.
  • every one who listens your name on dj song they will must shocked and ask to did you made it.



how we can download name dj song application :

  • open your android mobile play store to download the application shown in the above photo.
  • then opening play store on your android mobile you will see a search bar on top. Type DJ NAME MIXURE PREMIUM -MIX YOUR NAME in that search bar.
  • The application which is shown in the above image will open immediately.
  • This application is only 32MB which means it is a very small application.
  • rating of this application is up to 4.0 means also a very superb rating friends.
  • The downloads of this application are also 100k+.
  • The last final update of this application was done on feb 26,2021.
  • so coming to point overall check this specifications for right app then give the tap on install to starting installation.




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when downloading completes which permits will ask :

  • so open app at starting stage it ask the media and files, click allow those.
  • thats normal and minor permissions will ask the app just give them guys.
  • After you give permission to all of them, the main interface of the application will open and you will see which song you want to use.
  • Similarly, you have to set the name of the person you want to give in that song
  • how long after you give the name you should get the name given.
  • For that, select the one that appears in the starting after doing that all the songs in your mobile will be shown here.
  • From now on you have to select the song that want to select from which your name will appear.
  • then After selection it will be automatically deletes Next to that option you will see 1 mark in green color.



create our name dj song :

  • Again in the second option you have to type the name of the baby you want to give in that song which song you want to change.
  • As soon as you type that name press select and you will again see a green one next to that name.
  • Then under that you have to select how many times we want to hear our name.
  • If you want can choose once every 15 seconds or once every 30 seconds if you do it once you will hear your name quickly.
  • If it is done once in 30 seconds then it will come so select as you like after selecting this you will see below option press on it start making song.



name dj song



Now how to play our name dj song :

  • After starting the preparation, as soon as it is 100% complete.
  • if you put it back from there, the interface will open when the application chats.
  • There you will hear My Fans and if you go there we will see the song you mixed earlier and from there you can click and listen to it if you want.
  • in addition share that song with your friends and DJ it anywhere if you are a dancer and you like it.



create our name dj song conclusion :

  • That’s all About application Working Format Guys Works Superbly.
  • Try It Once On Your Mobiles, To Experience Best View Locations With 3d Guys.
  • Every Street and Roads And Living Places Show’s Very Neatly.
  • If any More Applications That Unknown and Uses More For Phone Holders.
  • Just Subscribe Our channel and stay Tuned For Superb Upcoming Tech Knowledge Guys.



our name dj song





how to create our name dj song in phone



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