name on wallpaper

how to set our name on wallpaper in 3d live

how to set our name on wallpaper in 3d live


hello friends good morning we hope all are well so todays topic is how to apply 3d live wallpaper with name settings, it changes our total lock screen and home screen looking and its wonderful to see like that how to set our name on wallpaper in 3d live.



how to set our name on wallpaper in 3d live :

  • we enable to set any name whether it may be your girlfreind or boyfriend , parents, children’s, and loved persons etc.
  • from mobile settings it will not possible to arrange name on wallpaper and that too settings will not appear on any type of mobile.
  • but we have excellent trick to set name on wallpaper by following that method we could make on yours devices too.
  • to create name on wallpaper we suggest the best application which makes our mobile awesome.
  • if your excited to know what’s that application and functions features of it.
  • then read the total article with out skipping any part and make your mobile attractive and get new design, and looking’s.



name on wallpaper



benefits of this name on wallpaper application :

  • with this app we would customize any one names, team names, favorite titles, notes and etc., that too in 3d version.
  • when you arrange this type of live 3d wallpaper every one will surprises.
  • in addition that created wallpaper will works on lock screen and home screen easily guys.
  • it will not have like a normal text, customization available in your own with various types of effects.
  • some other live wallpapers will consume more battery so that battery drains fastly.
  • but this application consume less battery and gives better out look on mobile.
  • lets start downloading without any late from below para you get the application name and whole details.



what is application name and how to install :

  • friends to download app we need to open playstore which is given by default on any android phone.
  • on entering it searching tool will appears at top screen lets give tap on it.
  • then type 3D My Name Live Wallpaper, on keyboard and load this name.
  • on upcoming page in gold color MY NAME application logo appears, so have a touch on it friends.
  • on full page app will shown, now check company name below app title with green color is My Name Cube Apps.
  • next have look on ratings about 4.2 with 2 lakh reviews.
  • else to get more clarity and to confirm exact app go to about and see released date is 2015 July 5 and updated at this year present month at 4 date.
  • overally when completing clarification you should have to come back to app screen and press install button.




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name on wallpaper installation later :

  • with in fraction of speedly application will installed due to its low size is 2.2.
  • new button open will appear at the place of install so give a tap on it.
  • then app displays without asking any permissions presently.
  • But it may have chances to ask permit in further steps.



how to create name on wallpaper :

  • when entered one popup with text of the 3d cube shows.
  • now in that we required type your name over my name here line.
  • firstly clear that title and enter your name or any one else, then touch ok option.
  • then another pop up displays from it we choose the image for background.
  • give another title for temp finally it appears on your screen its like a miracle.
  • it mainly shows on app how that will works on and we customize with different tools guys, name on wallpaper.



name on wallpaper



tools functionality name on wallpaper :

  • from pencil icon you can change name at any time and able to add latest names.
  • to download this scrolling effect in video then go with video icon at top and press record option to save video.
  • share to anyone for that choose beside video icon option and share with your friends and others.
  • mainly to save this wallpaper on your mobile screen then press at three dot line and select live wallpaper option.



settings in name on wallpaper application :

  • now press the settings tool button from upper screen guys.
  • from their you can change font type, background on name.
  • we could set cube as transparent with next setting, else we can move the cube with interactive setting, so remain those options same.
  • additionally change the width of image if it looks wrong and in darkness at background, also increase or decrease change the speed of cube.
  • see the recorded videos from settings, all recordings will available here, name on wallpaper.



name on wallpaper



name on wallpaper conclusion :

  • finally this is how we can add name on wallpaper with awesome effects.
  • if you want to try this we have provided application name and direct link in below at download button.
  • when you tap red button at down ,application will opened from their install it.
  • in this way we bring latest tricks and tips about mobiles, so keep following us and don’t comment in below section.





how to set our name on wallpaper in 3d live


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