print photo on T-shirt

How to print photo on T-shirt with this papers

How to print photo on T-shirt with this papers


Hello friends Good morning welcome to our new article, from this article You gonna learn new unknown trick that is very exciting and interesting too, so to know that you must and should have to read entire article with out skipping any paragraph How to print photo on T-shirt with this papers.



How to print photo on T-shirt with this papers :

  • so commonly we do see the colorful t-shirts and shirts.
  • you might have the t-shirts with favorite cricketer and logos, heroes painting on it.
  • some times we think that how can the manufactures do printing on t-shirts.
  • in this article we are going to reveal those trick and show infront of you how to print easily on your t-shirts too.
  • for detailed information you can go head and check the Telugu Experiments Youtube Channel.
  • they are explained very well about this printing papers.
  • but presently we also cleanly brief in article you might read this too.



print photo on T-shirt



what we have to need print photo on T-shirt :

  • first a fall we have to go to amazon site or app then find the name
  • Yorker LC T-shirt Light Cotton Inkjet Transfer Photo Paper Pack.
  • then the product will opens, it has 3.5 ratings.
  • mainly the price of this papers is 725/- rupees guys.
  • it is totally worthable at in this cost so order it now.



details of print photo on T-shirt product :

  • in present para we tell the main things about the product.
  • that it is reputed brand of Pik It Ezy.
  • it comes with 10 sheets of papers with A4 size of Gsm transfer paper for light clothes.
  • they have in white in colour and paper weight contains 120.
  • because of matte finish we get excellent pictures on t-shirts.
  • manufacture is Yorkker and it is from country Germany.
  • from 2019 year of February month 22 this papers are available in online friends.




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which type of clothes we need to use :

  • for better result prefer only cotton cloths.
  • in white t shirts this printing photo will crystal clearly appears awesome.
  • every body who dont about this print they assume that it is real image and print.
  • so please do mostly use printing on cotton clothes only guys.
  • because of silk and polyester clothes they will sticks when ironing picture.
  • thats why give more preference to cotton clothes.



after delivered order :

  • so you could delivery using cod means Cash on delivery or else online payments method guys.
  • firstly it packed up with amazon formalities remove above which is in brown.
  • then we get 10 papers of print photo on T-shirt sheets.
  • remove those from cover next you need to print the image from printer machine.
  • as your wish whatever that pic favorite such as cartoons, or your favorite image on paper.
  • note that you should print the image at blank page white page only.



print photo on T-shirt



how to print photo on T-shirt :

  • then finally its time to print the image on T shirt.
  • keep the t-shirts on any table or any plane surface.
  • now peel the photo from that printed paper.
  • after removing now place it on t-shirt on which part would you need.
  • finally iron it untill 2 to five minutes untill the picture pasted on t-shirt.
  • after sticking the photo simply remove paper.
  • thats it visual wonder like image will exactly appears on t-shirts.



conclusion of print photo on T-shirt :

  • finally in this easy manner you could customize the images on t-shirts guys.
  • to purchase this magical printing paper we give the link in below.
  • when you press on buy now yellow colored button directly the product displays.
  • from their you may order to your location easily friends.
  • must try this new method of printing system on t-shirts.
  • according your wish print the loved image on T shirts and surprise your friends.
  • we will back on another new article see you take care bye.




print photo on T-shirt

How to print photo on T-shirt with this papers


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