protect eyes from phone

how to protect eyes from phone apply this small settings

how to protect eyes from phone apply this small settings


today we will tell how to protect your eyes from phone while using phone on night times and if you dont have any night mode or reading mode on yours mobile then apply this settings to enable night mode how to protect eyes from phone apply this small settings.



how to protect eyes from phone apply this small settings :

  • Most of us use their android mobile a lot at night protect eyes from phone.
  • Some people continue to use the mobile phone even till they go to bed at night due to which there is a lot of danger to the eyes.
  • Because according to what our science tells us, the blue color in the mobile.
  • it is very serious matter for our eyes because of which it is possible to affect the eyesight in the coming days.
    If there is orange color or light orange color in friends mobile then it is very useful for us to sleep and also there is no danger to our eyes. That’s why those who use mobile phones at night must read this blog once.



protect eyes from phone



protect eyes from phone :

  • Because in this blog I am going to tell you about a small application behind this application which is downloaded in your mobile.
  • That is, according to the time you have set in it, your mobile will change the same color at night.
  • It means that it goes into orange color and it doesn’t matter how long you use the mobile during the night.
  • then you don’t need to set it every time Once the calculation is done it itself changes every day.
  • After doing it I have given you all the settings below, read carefully and do the settings as I said.



how should we install protect eyes from phone app :

  • go to playstore ad upper side you have an search bar which is used to find out unknown apps.
  • so we dont know present app further need to click on guys.
  • Then write name Twilight: Blue light filter and start finding it.
  • for exact match of app we have look some requirements.
  • firstly it has 4.4 ratings with only 4.9 size it is very lesser and every mobiles handles easily protect eyes from phone.
  • around 10 million users had downloaded and protecting their eyes from mobile light at night times.
  • after checking some of this wanted requirements then press on install option guys.




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when protect eyes from phone downloaded application:

  • After downloading and open app it will ask you to make twilight working on xiaomi open the system permission app.
  • enable popup notifications and start vote for twilight, also make sure to whitelist twilight from battery optimization’s and ask you ok.
  • press on ok will ask you Allow again by showing permission.
  • we need permission to filter your screen Press on the Allow button that appears below you.
  • Now you again see permit drawing over other apps this permission allows an app display on other apps.
  • that you are using and may interfere with yours of the interface in other applications or change.
  • Turn on a button that appears and come back, protect eyes from phone.



Settings in protect eyes from phone application :

  • Friends now again Allow Twilight assess the device’s location ? It will ask you to allow which shows you give allow.
  • the interface of the app will shows In this  if you want you can set the color temperature, intensity.
  • screen dim options according to your needs and under it you can see filter times.
  • That is, you can set here what time you want the option to show.
  • Depending on that your time will change under which you will have sun & location if you want you can change it too.



protect eyes from phone



different options to protect eyes from phone :

  • Friends, when you see an option called more settings below, if you press on it, all the options below will appear.
  • theme, Auto-pause in apps ,backlight control ,Smart bulbs ,home screen, lock screen ,hide notification.
  • Show quick settings dialog ,filter translucent ,filter bar in landscape ,don’t tint ambient ,full screen GPU rendering start.
  • On boot civil sunset times unlock pro settings Stop app.
  • when not filtering transition time sunset offset sunrise offset.
  • All these options can be set as you like in protect eyes from phone.



additional features options in protecteyes from phone :

  • if you press on the three lines on the top left side, you will see the following options go pro1 minute pause stop, schedule profile ,save ,default
  • bed reading ,how it works, preview ,report a bug translate the app
    You can also configure these options as you like.
  • guys I think you have learned the installation and usage of this protect eyes from phone application.



protect eyes from phone



protect eyes fromphone conclusion :

  • from Shown On Above Paragraphs App Is Worked Successfully, protect eyes from phone.
  • So Follow Our Guidance and stay tuned for upcoming updates.
  • Further Any Related Question Raised During Implementation Of App Features.
  • Then Simply Contact Us Through Comment Section and Leave Queries On it.
  • look at our all articles to Get informative Details About Mobiles.
  • Gadgets, Application and all Tech News Info.





how to protect eyes from phone apply this small settings



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