recover photos videos

recover photos videos deleted with single tap

recover photos videos deleted with single tap


hi guys today you will learn how to recover the deleted photos and videos with single click, we could recover years ago back media back to gallery recover photos videos deleted with single tap.



recover photos videos deleted with single tap :

  • commonly in our phones we store lot of media and photos, videos many other.
  • but some times we some times lost those photos, unfortunately. it happens when we lost of your phone.
  • by mistakenly we delete some images places our memorial photos unknowingly will gone.
  • we cant find way to bring back those beautiful pics, media back again it is very hardest moment to us.
  • in additionally we see lot of videos on youtube and searched lot to find out many times, but no tricks from youtube will works guys.
  • dont worry guys are you here get back those long years ago any type of photos and videos in one tap.



recover photos videos



benefits of recover photos videos app :

  • we able to backup all deleted media files directly to our cloud, and drive storage.
  • with in seconds all the deleted photos will restored guys.
  • in addition we dont need the internet connection so no data will consumed happily we can restore.
  • some apps require mobile should have to rooted but our app will not required root.
  • after recovery you could protect the media and maintain them privately friends.
  • no onwards we not need to search for dedicated photo recovery or restoring videos after installed this application.



how do we install this recover photos videos app :

  • now open the playstore which is available on every android phone.
  • then tap on searching box we will see on top of the screen.
  • when clicking it keyboard will opens now its time type our app name is Dumpster photo video recovery.
  • after typing whole name then press at loading icon.
  • the app with 4.1 ratings and 566k good reviews are provided by people.
  • it is in very less mb in size which is only 15 Mb and 50 Million downloads available who recovered all their photos, videos previously.
  • finally coming to main point its time for clicking on install.




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recover photos videos after installation :

  • when installation over open button appears press it.
  • you look start like a pro banner , touch on exist option which is at top left screen.
  • then immediately media, files, storage permission will ask just allow it friends.
  • some small pop ups will comes just click on exist home page will comes.
  • either any more permissions will ask in upcoming steps then we will tell how to give.



how to recover deleted media, files :

  • when we entering to app home screen recycle bin option appears at top of screen.
  • on clicking it images, videos, audio, documents, other files, folders, apps, all will able to seen from here.
  • for shortcut we have to select wanted tool to display.
  • recycle bin , deep scan, settings, options are available main screen.
  • firstly on recycle bin we cant get any types os images and videos that restore guys.
  • but on jumping to deep scan option all your deleted data will backed up.
  • in images section obviously get pictures and from videos ,and audio will restored.
  • too add gallery just have to open and click on restore all will stored back on mobile gallery.



recover photos videos



recover photos media conclusion :

  • dumpster will recover all your old and recently deleted media guys.
  • dont feel when you lost you memorial photos just go to playstore and download recover photos videos dumpster app.
  • if you have any doughts while restoring recover photos videos.
  • then please do comment so that we will know that you are facing problems.
  • in addition you could explain what are the segments & features that you loved on this app.
  • finally friends this is our todays helpful article, coming soon with new topic bye.



recover photos videos





recover photos videos deleted with single tap


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