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how to use split camera option in android mobiles

how to use split camera option in android mobiles


hello guys welcome to ringtones adda channel if your looking to take clone pictures with mobile camera or take two photos at photos by using this trick, without any late lets know how to split camera how to use split camera option in android mobiles.



how to use split camera option in android mobiles :

  • presently through our normal android version mobiles will dont have this feature.
  • in higher phones and new models smartphones only contains this type of amazing settings and camera options guys.
  • but now dont bother about we have excellent trick to use split camera feature in small smartphone too.
  • without any cost or update we can use the facility of splitting option.
  •  further we required one little application with the help of it, we enjoy this split camera friends.



split camera



benefits of this split camera option :

  • it usually uses to make something fun with photos because only person can able to capture with your mobile camera.
  • in different type of stills take image it looks very attractive when captured.
  • works as a cloning of one pic in to two pictures and its very easy process to create friends.
  • to make amazing thumbnails on youtube or in Instagram, shorts, etc. will uses more over their.
  • we could create one photo with one expression and other with another still or expressions, else add another person beside your pic.
  • so now all you have to do to pictures and that’s it and also it makes it look like that there is no line so its so super easy app to use.
  • additionally if you want to do like a little prank or something then I recommend this split camera application.



now its time to install application :

  • when ever you enter to mobile home screen at google folder section playstore will appears lets open now.
  • dont miss to check whether the internet working and you have turned on mobile data or not guys.
  • because internet is must to download any type of apps, coming to point now we can see search icon at top little right side.
  • give a tap over their, then yours default keyboard displays, we require to type Split camera name and load the app.
  • then with in fraction of seconds application rendered with blue color shorts person with clone on app logo.




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need to check this important points before going install :

  • we must have a look on this some points because to install exact application.
  • in this mainly see the developer name is Wombatica software.
  • if it confirms then look on ratings about 4.0 and twenty one thousand public reviews available about split camera application.
  • fifty lakh and more have been installed this before and enjoying this apps awesome facilities.
  • now go head to another section which is about app part, at down we have releasing dat of app is April 10th on 2013.
  • at recently they have updated in September month of 2022 at 1st date.
  • when finding out all this steps you get an clarification about app, then now press on install button for installation.



after split camera installation next process :

  • in one two minutes app will installs, the new options will appears at same place of previous install option.
  • when you tap open then app will starts loading and opened with camera pictures and record video permissions.
  • its very needy permit so we have to accept it by clicking allow option.



split camera



how to use split camera option :

  • when you allow permission app displays with camera view, and having options on screen guys.
  • one side clear photo visibility appears and other black layer with musk camera view shows.
  • it means we can take pictures at Both sides by taking photo first and another with timer option, set timing to capture photo and capture your other still.
  • we able to drag those those dark musk toward clear image too.
  • obviously you know the flashlight icon used for, then anticlockwise arrows will shift our camera front and back.
  • other box icon will changes the mask vertical to horizontal, you can capture pictures has your convenient.



split camera conclusion :

  • overally we tried to give our best about whole app working method.
  • are you looking to download this split camera application, we have provided the direct link in below download button option.
  • Click on it and start installation method , and if you’re facing any errors then comment below we give solution for it.
  • just keep supporting us, we bring awesome tricks and wonderful useful application infront of you daily.







split camera

how to use split camera option in android mobiles


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