Latest Text Reader Trick In Whatsapp

Latest Text Reader Trick In Whatsapp


Hello Guys Welcome Back to our channel Ringtones Adda, Now We are Back with Amazing and Very Useful Trick on Whatsapp, With The Help Of This Trick You can Listen The Meaasges Without Touching Mobile, After Applying This Settings in Whatsapp Mobile will Read Meaasges Very Interesting’s Trick guys Dont Miss It, Latest Text Reader Trick In Whatsapp.



Latest Text Reader Trick In Whatsapp :

  • Guys This Trick will Reveal On This Article So Read Step By Step Without Missing and Paragraph.
  • Then Only Understand the Trick Uses and Working Process, How To Apply in Your Mobile etc.
  • Normally We will Read The Any Text But With this Trick You can Hear Any Text Easily and Reply them Fastly.
  • To Use This Trick In any Mobile We need To Download Very Application Friends.



Text Reader



About Small Application :

  • So Guys This Application Will Available on Playstore with 4.4 Plus Ratings.
  • We are Telling Small app Because App contains Only 2.0 Mb Size, This Is Small But Very Useful on Some Time.
  • So Fastly Download app and Use After read this Article, And If You check the Downloads Of app There are Ten Thousand Plus Users Are Using app and Applied already this trick.
  • If Your Latte then No Problem we will Explain How To Download and Use in Your mobile Too.



Application Developed By And Released Dates :

  • There Are Three Hundred and More Reviews are Written By Application Users with Good Impression.
  • Cm Tiger Management Was Successfully Developed This Application, also Launched In July 15, 2015.
  • They updated App Recently And Released In April 22,2021 with 1.2.30 Free Version Friends.
  • Any Android Device will Smoothly Supports this Application without Any Disturbance or Lag.




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Benefits Of This Text Reader Application :

  • Read Text Feature Will Uses When You are in Traffic or Signals Time, At Busy Work, Or If your On Bike with Helmet.
  • When You Where Helmet on Bike on Coming Text Messages In whatsapp then Cant able To see But you can hear the text By App.
  • Further You can Text any Other messages s By Replying Easily, App will Says Message sender name and speak text too.
  • Some Times We will Busy On Mobile or Pc On some works But Some Important message swill Comes and Not get notify Tone.
  • But After applying this Trick you can hear The text Directly with out opening Messages and Send reply after Hear.



Disadvantages Without This Text Reader Application :

  • When Your In driving or in some other busy work, If mobile will have on Silent , then You will Miss Important messages.
  • By Missing  Important message’s you can Miss the Job opportunities, Jobs  updates and Loved Ones Messages.
  • So Loved Ones Will Feel a lot if you cant reply to there text, When you are in Busy.
  • With out any Issue You can reply and Save from that issues, Further we will Tell In this article guys.



Text Reader



Application Name In Playstore :

  • Lets Start the Downloading Process Guys For that We need to Open Playstore after Connected With Internet.
  • Then Tap On search bar and Type application name As it is, that We will entered.
  • Finally App Name is Read text Messages For Whatsapp and Click on Enter Button To Load App On Playstore.
  • App will Loads at Second place on Loading Page Guys, So Simply Click On it.



Installation Process Of This Text Reader Application :

  • In addition Install Button Will shown on Next page Guys So Click on it Download in any device.
  • So Leave The  After clicked on Install Button To Complete Downloading.
  • Then After app Will Downloaded Faster and Shows Uninstall and Open Options after Downloaded.
  • May be You already Known that Next Step is To Press on Open Button Only So lets Press On It.



Text Reader



Will Any Permissions Asked On Opening :

  • Then after Pressed on Open Button App will Opens With the interface  of Welcome Banner at Middle of screen.
  • On that banner only You have Next Button Click Then, Select Language Wil asked so simply tap on  Small arrow Symbol at right side of screen.
  • And Select English India Language then Tap on Next.
  • In addition Notification Listener Permissions will Comes similar as Previous Permits and Same Position.
  • Tap on Set Button and App will takes you to System settings , Then Need to Allow This app permissions appears on First Place.



How To Use This Text Reader Application :

  • Finally after Completed all Permissions, HomeScreen Of App Will Successfully Opened Guys.
  • On The app You need to always Turn On Announcer For whatsapp Button it will Available on Top Right side of Mobile screen Guys.
  • then only this trick will Works So Dont Forget to Turn On Before use this application.
  • Now There Are Various Different Types Of Features are Available They Are General Preferences, Private Messages Preferences, Groups Messages Preferences, Bluetooth Devices, Advanced Settings.
  • Lets Discuss all the Features One by One In this Article, So guys know the sues And working Process of Features.





General Preferences Feature Working :

  • You have Some Options Like say Names This option will Speaks the Name That sender or Contact Name Messages Whatsapp Guys.
  • Say Messages option By turning on this Option You can Hear The Messages.
  • This Trick will works on Aux connection and Headphones, Speakers etc  and Need to increase the reader Volume then Increase by Below Options.
  • Also have a Option To Test Voice Setup guys Simply set Any you wanted Default, Two, three and Click on Voice test.



Private Messages Preferences Feature :

  • This Feature Mostly Used To Set the Messages in private like unknown Number messages and also other Private Chat Like Girl Friend and Boyfriend Chat will Be Private.
  •  In simple Way This Option is Similar To Blacklist If you dont then Set Chats As a block.
  • For Above Purpose this Private Message Option Will Used.


Group Messages Preferences : 

  • After Tuning On This option Groups Messages will Also Text reader will Announce messages
  • If you want the group messages announcement then Set this Option and If dont need then Turn it on by clicking the Turn Button at Right-side.
  • For this purpose group messages preferences will used Guys.



Bluetooth Devices Feature Using Format :

  • This is also very good feature that you can talk when Bluetooth device was connected in mobile.
  • To use Feature need to tap on Turn Button and press on It to Apply feature.
  • But this Option is Premier version guys We Will use after Buying Subscription.



Advanced Settings :

  • Advanced Settings Option will Appear On End of the scrolling Guys and also final settings option.
  • On Opening this settings You have lots of Options Know , That we will Explain Now it self.
  • First option is Show Messages Notification Player Option.
  • This Actually works as notification readier and stored at notification when it turn on it will reads.
  • Secondary stop saying name you will understand this option uses for in the name only it have.



More Useful Settings :

  • Screen Off only after Turned On this Option You can Hear the whatsapp text only on Screen Turned Off.
  • This Is also A very Good setting So use If you want to set, Like this you can set the Text reader On Silent Mode.
  • Next Apply Settings Play Messages After Phone calls Too. and Many Settings to If You need then Apply.



Conclusion About This Application :

  • Like this Text reader Will In Any Android Device Guys
  • Hope you all understand this application and if any questions please ask in the comment section friends.
  • Please do subscribe for the latest updates and hit the like button if you like our video, and turn on the bell icon to be notified,
  • In addition Share our video with friends, family or others About This Useful Application.
  • Ok Friends Lets Meet In Another Useful Article Until then Take care Bye Bye.





Latest Text Reader Trick In Whatsapp


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