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Best under water breathing helmet under 1000 Rupees

Best under water breathing helmet under 1000 Rupees


Hello Guys welcome to ringtones adda channel in this article we show the amazing gadget, by using it we can swim in underwater, if your shocked to hear that how can we swim in water, literally it will possible now with small product Best under water breathing helmet under 1000 Rupees.


Best under water breathing helmet under 1000 Rupees :

  • usually all of us will swim on water for bathing purpose , entertainment with friends, and for physical exercises swimming is best option.
  • that every body knows, when you ever tried under water swim.
  • it quite difficult to swim in the water, commonly most of us have only for 20 to 30 seconds in under the water.
  • for some people that is also a heavy task friends.
  • we make possible to swim under water by small product.
  • yes guys it supplies the oxygen when you wear in water.
  • to know the product details and specification price everything about gadget is well explained in this article.



water breathing helmet



benefits of this under water breathing helmet :

  • with the help this helmet we can swim inside water.
  • if you gonna see whats in water and want to see different types living thing in while swimming.
  • every thing that inside water will appears you very crystal clearly guys.
  • basically without helmet our eyes cant able see the inside and eyes becomes red color due to water.
  • but after wearing it not even one drop of water will goes to eyes .
  • it gives eyes protection and oxygen supply easily with out tension.
  • additionally you might set the Go Pro on the head part of gadget to record everything in under water.



specifications of under water breathing helmet :

  • so its comes from the Felling mall brand.
  • The total name of this product name is FEELING MALL Full Face Snorkel Mask.
  • it is capable for men and women and dont use below low age children.
  • their are number of multicolor are available in shopping apps too.
  • so it if adjustable to our head and totally elastic, quite easy to use.
  • it is from china and contains of single lens on water breathing helmet.




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some basic details about under water breathing helmet product :

  • obviously might you think the weight of this helmet.
  • not too much high its only 400 grams, so that you should handle it easily.
  • due to adjustable head straps means attaching bands.
  • it will perfectly fix to head and cant slip and dont require the face size, and shape doesn’t matter.
  • in both shopping apps such as amazon and in flipkart currently it is available.



what is the price of under water breathing helmet :

  • On amazon this presently comes in indian rupees with 1549 and you may get discount with cards and coupons.
  • this gadget actual price is Three thousand seven hundred, and to only fifteen hundred fourty nine, currently 58% off running guys.
  • it has 14cm width, and 10 centimeters of height, 25 cm is depth.



water breathing helmet



how to use this underwater breathing helmet gadget :

  • after ordering the product you get at doorstep withing one week in present days.
  • when it reaches simply do unbox it friends.
  • you see two black strips, which an used to put in our ears to avoid water going inside ears.
  • then you can see plastic white walchare type product.
  • it used to keep between to attachments, of oxygen supply pump and mask.
  • next attach the gopro for inside view in water if you else have it.
  • finally swim under water with moving so much down side because the upper pipe will play a major role to bring oxygen.



conclusion :

  • if you want to buy this product we provide the direct amazon link in below button.
  • please do check it and order if you want to buy.
  • you have different options to do payment like Phonepe, Upi, and card payment etc, choose what ever you want and also pay on cash on delivery too.
  • So finally thats it for today, hope we suggest the fantastic gadget for you
  • you need this types of under budget very useful products then please do comment below bye friends.



water breathing helmet

Best under water breathing helmet under 1000 Rupees


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