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how to set voice lock in android smartphones

how to set voice lock in android smartphones


hi friends good afternoon welcome to ringtones adda channel on this article we show to set the voice recognition lock on your smartphones so that we can unlock phone with our voice with out touching mobile how to set voice lock in android smartphones.



how to set voice lock in android smartphones :

  • casually all of us use the mobile and we set the locks on it like pin, pattern, and fingerprint locking system.
  • but ever you tried the voice lock it means when we speak a command with our mouth then automatically phone lock screen will opens.
  • its completely different from the other lock types guys, whenever some one for example you applied a name as you lock it works perfectly.
  • when you unlock the mobile by speaking, voice then around surrounding people will get shocked and thinks how did you do that.
  • coming to friends they will ask and follow you untill you reveal or tell the app name.



voice lock



benefits of this voice lock :

  • talk or speak and unlock device using your voice with ]applied password command.
  • actually when we going to regular works or jobs on your vehicle then its some what difficult to open lock if it is pattern or pin.
  • so on using this voice lock facility you would unlock mobile by voice no screen touch will required.
  • if you’re looking for totally different lock screen then this work with your voice you  wish is full filled.
  • this lock is quite distinctive from other types of locking methods so must try at least once on your mobile.
  • when you started using, from that day you could never delete this application forever, because that much nicely app works.



how to download this application in mobile :

  • if your phone is android then please open the playstore app guys.
  • then we could see the searching or finding tool which used to find new apps.
  • go head with that option, then type app name in keyboard is Voice Screen Lock.
  • when ever you load app it might loaded infront us, we need to see the company name which us axion mobisolution.
  • it available with 3.8 ratings and more then one crore downloads will have to app.
  • their will be fourty five thousand are reviewed app and most of reviews are positive generated by users.
  • when you see entire catalog or details next in order of time press at install.
  • so downloading will take some time wait for a while guys.




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voice lock after installation :

  • on starting we see interface with start blue option tap it now.
  • mainly ourselve enable the lock screen status then voice screen ask the record audio permit allow it.
  • then mic will be opened let tap on mic to record voice password.



how to set voice lock in application :

  • The main interface of this application will be open to you where if you see we will see a button above.
  • If you turn on that button directly, for that you will see an option called pick password as you see below.
  • press on it and say any WORD you want to unlock the mobile, if you say that person name then the above button will automatically turn on.
  • Friends, now next to it, you will see an option called Settings, if you simply press on that button.
  • you will see the following options time on lock screen, Lock screen, Charging on lock screen, I agree to privacy policy, Support.
  • this lock is impressed you lot and like this much then you go head and Rate application Share More etc.
  • So in this way the options you see here can set to whatever you want.



voice lock



voice lock conclusion :

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voice lock

how to set voice lock in android smartphones


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