volume buttons secret

volume buttons secret tricks and unknown settings

volume buttons secret tricks and unknown settings


hi guys welcome from this article lets know what are secret tricks of mobile volume buttons and secret settings in volume buttons must know volume buttons secret tricks and unknown settings.



volume buttons secret tricks and unknown settings :

  • when open the mobile keypad to chat and work from there and when we get any mistake, we are chatting here and there in what we have typed.
  • then Also we may be the one who typed something accidentally or the whole sentence.
  • in addition or if someone is missing or accidentally deleted it is very difficult for us to retrieve it.
  • need have to type it again today I will tell you about a small application.
  • Through this volume buttons secret application you will have a lot of typing while this way even if you accidentally delete.
  • bring it back again and we can type on computers as well volume buttons secret.
  • If you have any trouble then you also want to sing this application but now you have to download this application and after downloading it you have to set it.



volume buttons secret



some benefits of this volume buttons application :

  • So friends, you are also chatting with your friends in this way even if you are on WhatsApp or Facebook, aren’t you.
  • we are chatting with our friends every day whether it is on WhatsApp or Facebook or share chat.
  • After setting you don’t need to search where to use this application because I have given you all the details about this application below.
  • They are in this article , you can read there and learn how to use the application
  • whole device can be handle with your volume buttons easily open any functions required guys.
  • with the gestures of volume buttons set the which option want to open.



so begin downloading volume buttons app :

  • mainly go to playstore are you a android user then your eligible for volume buttons secret.
  • each and every android Mobile has the playstore by default guys.
  • so lets open it and tap on search box which is at upper side of our screen.
  • app will containing 4.0 star ratings and which is with 16 thousand reviews.
  • the app created company is flar2 management and they built only with 3.6 Mb in size.
  • which is very easy to operate on any android device additionally 1 million members are downloaded.
  • we explained whole all the info because of installing correct app and you dont do any mistakes in further.




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finally after installation complete volume buttons app :

  • Friends, once you download and open this volume buttons secret application.
  • Then if you want to use the application as I said earlier, the application will ask you for permission.
  • check one thing and give permission to everything else.
  • Because even if one permission is missing you have to use.
  • as I told you how after the total is over now you will get the mail of the volume buttons secret application open.
  • All you will see are two types of options, now you need to enable the first option that appears to you.
  • For that, press the button next to it and try it, another page will open.
  • You have completed the first stage by simply downloading it from the application and it will be offline.



what permission did volume button app ask :

  • Also, now you have to select the application in which you want to implement this volume buttons secret application.
  • What you need to do for that is please try what you see below, that means all the applications in your mobile will be opened.
  • then we said earlier, if this application is full simply select all the applications.
  • After selecting all the applications, now you will come to the main page.
  • That is, now you select and appear, which means you have to type whatever application number you have set in that app.
  • if you want to chat with someone, if you want to send any message. secret trick in mobile volume buttons must know volume buttons secret.
  • when something goes wrong you can roll it back even if you accidentally delete it and if made a mistake you can go from here to there.



volume buttons secret



lets us use like this volumebuttons :

  • as well as on the top right side of the application you will see three dots, if you press on them.
  • then the settings in this application will also open from there you can change the color of the application if you want.
  • It means that the application should be black or white and you can select it.
  • This is also a very good idea, for volume buttons secret friends.
  • If there are two or three more options for that, you can select and use it from there.
  • After the settings are done, now the volume button on our mobile is two, one up and one down.
  • when the button is pressed, the typing is going to one side.


volume buttons secret settings conclusion :

  • So friends, this is the hidden secret trick play of our mobile, many people don’t know about it, but many people use it.
  • If not, many people don’t know about the darkness hidden in the sound buttons of their mobiles.
  • may you have learned today without knowing it, then share this with your friends because they too are likely to use it a lot.
  • Because when we have a mobile if it has some options
  • that we don’t know then it is very difficult for us.
  • usually we using it to increase or decrease the sound of our mobile but it is also very cool if you like the application then share it with your friends.



volume buttons secret





volume buttons secret tricks and unknown settings


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