whatsapp hidden settings and new tricks in 2023
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whatsapp hidden settings and new tricks in 2023

whatsapp hidden settings and new tricks in 2023


today we learn how to send fake image to your friends, girlfriend, boyfriend,  to make fun with them just follow our simple steps to do this whatsapp hidden settings and new tricks in 2023.



whatsapp hidden settings and new tricks in 2023 :

  • Almost everyone has an Android mobile in this environment you may have seen it on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.
  • but you may have noticed it many times when someone sends you a photos.
  • That means one photo will appear before you download and another photo will appear after you download.
  • Friends, you need to download a small application for this.
  • Just think that you have downloaded the computer application when you also send a photo to someone.
  • one photo will appear for them to download and after downloading another photo will appear.
  • It’s very funny to watch and also good for making wishes whenever festivals come around or else it’s also good for teasing someone I mean.



whatsapp hidden settings



whatsapp hidden settings benefits :

  • actually it uses to make prank on other persons for whom did you want to do.
  • if you want to surprise some one like girlfriend then this trick will works hundred percent guys.
  • to tell wishes to family in a hidden way that they dont even except from your message, whatsapp hidden settings.
  • we can choose two images in that one should be the prank, and other is your own wish friends.
  • when opponents downloads and open the image then another will shows automatically they may shocked.
  • you could share it on whatsapp or other social media platforms too.



how to install this whatsapp hidden settings :

  • so we explain detailly who dont know how to download step by step.
  • may be most of the smartphones users you actually know how should it done.
  • but still some people dont know method to downloading apps that why we help them to install.
  • now on your mobile app we have an playstore which is mostly in google section or folder just open it.
  • on home of playstore we have an searching apps section at the top of screen.
  • just apply tap on it, then keyboard will displays now its time to type app name is Image Preview Changer.
  • when we searched it at first place app loaded with logo of hand emoji in dark brown color guys.




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must check this before going install whatsapp hidden settings app :

  • main thing we need to check company name is candid coderz.
  • then size of it is only 2.8 mb, and their are five lakh people plus downloaded.
  • with 2.3 ratings it would shown and more than three thousand reviews how previously used people shared their experiences.
  • other wise you can see released date is December 26 of 2014 year.
  • on April month of 19 at 2020 app management has upgraded whatsapp hidden settings app.
  • when you complete seeing above minor steps press on install button.



whatsapp hidden settings after installing what next :

  • install will goes and loading starts, with in seconds app successfully loading completes.
  • in the place of install we get open option newly, whatsapp settings.
  • now its time to open guys, on entering we will see two types of features.
  • firstly we need accept some normal permissions for that press on click to select photo option.
  • it ask the permission to select images tap on ok button at popup.



whatsapp hidden settings



how to prank friends with whatsapp hidden settings :

  • lets begin how to create image preview changer for that we have two features.
  • one is original image and another is preview, whatsapp hidden settings.
  • so click on original option it is the main image that we going to choose.
  • when message receives to other person this will the prank image, whatsapp hidden settings.
  • preview will shows at outside image, lets choose original pic.
  • then next select the preview image after finish selecting, view on your phone and friends whatsapp message shown like how it works.



whatsapp hiddensettings conclusion :

  • so make fun with your friends, loved ones by sending this types of images.
  • impress a girl by sending proposal image in preview and add other pic on original.
  • hope fully very tried our best and explained each and everything about the working process of whatsapp hidden settings app.
  • would you like to install app for having fun, then on end of article download button with red color layer is provided.
  • simply tap on it, you will be redirected playstore from their install app guys.
  • lets again meet on another superb article untill see you bye.





whatsapp hidden settings

whatsapp hidden settings and new tricks in 2023


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