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Read Whatsapp Messages Without Blue Ticks

Read Whatsapp Messages Without Blue Ticks


Hello Guy’s Welcome To our channel Ringtones Adda, After Long Time we Are Providing This Article With Superb Trick, That Is all of us use whatsapp, when chatting we cant hide blue ticks on messages after Seen, But in this Article we will tell a excellent trick feature to read and chat without Blueticks, Read Whatsapp Messages Without Blue Ticks.



Read Whatsapp Messages Without Blue Ticks :

  • So Lets Talk about That Trick, To use on your whatsapp then apply easily any android devices.
  • Guys Coming to point we Need to Download Superb application Which is Available on Playstore.
  • In Default Whatsapp Settings We cant enable this Trick that why Need to download app.



Whatsapp Messages



About This Application :

  • Guys This App will Used and Works In All Android Devices Smoothly, Further No Issues will Happens On mobile.
  • You can Think application Size, then No need Worry Guys This app As 7.7 Mb Very Little Data Will Consumed.
  • App will Works Superb, That we can tell by Seeing 3.8 Plus Ratings In Playstore.
  • Before Giving Ratings, Playstore will Check all Performances and Features sand Working Process and Others.
  • Then Only Playstore will Give This Much Ratings Guys, may be Understand.



This Whatsapp Messages Application Developed By :

  • TENQUBE inc.. Was Developed Application successfully in PlayStore.
  • Once We Check the Downloads Then There are 10 Million Plus Users Downloaded and Using in there devices.
  • If you any Dought that this app is any fake or anything else then check out reviews too, there are 67K Plus Users are Reviewed on this app.
  • Finally they launched in September 13,2017, and they are Upgraded app recently with more features On November 9, 2022.




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Benefits Of This Whatsapp Messages Application :

  • When Some One send Messages to you then we need to open the Specific platform and read.
  • After This App Installed You dont Need to read It will Auto Save and Check if the messages Deleted Also Guys.
  • Read Whenever you needed in offline Too, So that Opponent Persons will Not Shows Blue ticks.
  • Assume that Not Seen Message only, They canty even Comes any Dought also Guys download app Fastly.
  • See all Chats, Groups messages without Knowing other Persons Secretly.



Disadvantages WithOut This Whatsapp Messages Application :

  • In whatsapp we will Chats with Lot Of Persons But Cant Hide the Blueticks Guys,   we need To Chat With them after Seen Chat.
  • In Normal Whatsapp We Dont have An Feature To Hide Blueticks Thenafter Seeing’s Chats, Groups Messages.
  • Lets Start Installation Without any Delay Guys.



Whatsapp Meaasges



Begin Installation Process :

  • To Download App I think Already You Known How To Open the PlayStore and typing app too.
  • In addition Open Playstore and Press on Search bar Which is available On Top of the screen Beside Gmail icon.
  • Search Icon will Shown Simply Tap on it and type application Name is NotiSave.
  • Then Finally search this app In PlayStore Guys.



Installation Process In PlayStore :

  • App will Loads On Top Of PlayStore Screen, When You entered Correct app Name on keyboard.
  • In case Not Found Check This Logo and Company a Logo With Bell Icon and Company TENQUBE Inc.
  • At Last Finding Out app Press on Title Once to open Open Install Page.
  • Finally tap on install Button to download apps guys.



Whatsapp Messages



After Installed Any Permissions Will Asks :

  • Guys After Downloaded app a new page with uninstall and open buttons will comes on same install button place.
  • Press on Open Option in those Two, Then app will Opened With Save Notifications and Some Banners.
  • It Means Application Interesting Topics Will Comes on Interface display Guys.
  • Click On Next Option at Down right of screen, and allow Notifications Permissions it will Ask.
  • Next another permissions asks again Tap next and all Noti save app.
  • In System Settings and Com back app Media permission will Comes Allow It.
  • Finally Block Notifications Permission is asked grant this Permit Too.



How To Use This Whatsapp Messages Application :

  • At Last all Permissions Later app Homescreen Another mobile Layer Will Comes, Then We Dont Need To Confuse.
  • Just Tap On Next Button Only guys after 3 Layers App are completed.
  • Finally app original Homescreen When Opens Guys.
  • Unread and Saved Two Features Will Shown On Top of Home Of app.
  • Swipe Upward Screen and check At Down also Some Options will Shown.





Unread Feature Works As :

  •  May be You Already Know This Feature That it will Shows all Latest And Unread Chats Here.
  • Mainly From this Option Check all Chats with out Knowing Others That You have seen There Message.
  • If already seen tap on Right tick At Down side of screen, Then this Icon will Clear all Unreaded Messages and Gone to Saved Feature.



Saved Feature Working Format :

  • There All whatsapp Status and Unread Chats, And Other app you Selected Will Appeared Guys.
  • Further Check All Here Saved Videos And Statutes From Here.
  • And Also Download if wanted and Video or image’s Guy’s.



Three Dots Options Uses :

  • Actually it is More Option, you have Block Notifications, edit Group, settings Option and Other Share App Options.
  • Now Check Block Notifications You can  block Notification Which are Shown On Main Screen Notification.
  • Because to Use this app Feature we Need to Block Apps Notifications.
  • Next Edit Group Option We used To Change Apps and Create Group name With Plus Icon at Bottom Right side Of Screen.



Settings Working Format :

  • Lots Of Settings Will Shown On This option They are General, Privacy and Many Settings In those.
  • In General Swicth theme Will Makes Dark Theme and Light Theme, And In case we can set Notification bar Dark Theme Too.
  • Access Notifications, I Suggest that You have Dont Touch this Because if Once Turned off , Messages will not Received.
  • Save notifications is for Store all Chats in it Guys.



Working Process Of Privacy Features :

  • Set Password To Open This Application For that Tap on It and Lock screen Widget And allow on Widget.
  • Simply Add Password and protect app Guys.



Finally Conclusion About This Whatsapp Messages Application :

  • Use App Like this Guys And Read Article Full To Understand  Application Features.
  • Now Easily See all Whatsapp messages Without Blue Ticks, with this Small Application.
  • We will Provide Only Free Applications, You dont need Do Any Payment OR Subscriptions Or Purchase.
  • At Last Subscribe our Channel Ringtones Adda Without Forgotten , We Bring Amazing and interesting’s Topic IN Front  of you.





Read Whatsapp Messages Without Blue Ticks


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