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latest whatsapp new tricks 2023 everyone must know

latest whatsapp new tricks 2023 everyone must know


hi guys today we are going to learn the latest whatsapp tricks which are updated on latest and they are very useful  to us while using whatsapp too latest whatsapp new tricks 2023 everyone must know.



latest whatsapp new tricks 2023 everyone must know :

  • Friends Many of us want to know the messages of girlfriend or boyfriend on mobiles or messages on WhatsApp.
  • For that they use different applications and many tricks but to not avail.
  • Today I am going to tell you that as a treat, if you implement it on your mobile as well as on your girlfriend or boyfriend’s mobile.
  • all the messages and all the notifications that come to their mobile will be shown on your mobile as well.
  • If you want, you can also reply to those messages from your mobile, this is a very good treat that many friends don’t know.



whatsapp new tricks 2023



extra benefits of this application :

  • if we have two mobiles, one of the two mobiles has an important sim.
  • so we can see all the messages that come from the otp from your bank or WhatsApp and also from any other way on your mobile.
  • You can also reply if you want This is also very good tricks guys.
  • lets see the messages and notifications on your boyfriend’s mobile, you need to download a small application for that.
  • After downloading the application, I have given you all the settings below, read carefully.
  • get notifications and alerts seamlessly across all your android phones and desktops whatsapp new tricks 2023.
  • Mirror you notifications to other devices and to all major web browsers.
  • in addition we can reply, Delete, like from another mobile as well directly with out any issue guys.



how to install whatsapp new tricks 2023 application :

  • instead going to install mainly know the correct information of whatsapp new tricks 2023 app.
  • Because their will be chance to have fake and similar apps also.
  • check the company name which is XitLabs and 3.5 star ratings will it contains.
  • it takes take the part of 3.7 Mb and smaller in size and supports all android devices from 8.0 versions and up.
  • one lakh plus users has downloaded app which is mostly popular too.
  • when opened playstore just enter Bridge mirror notifications Name on searching box guys.
  • you look it on screen have a little tap on it.
  • install button available on below of app press it and wait for installation.




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what we have to do after installation whatsapp new tricks 2023 :

  • with in fraction of seconds whatsapp new tricks 2023 app will completely whatsapp new tricks 2023 downloads.
  • touch on open option which is in green colored at right of screen.
  • when entered to app you have and login page we must want to sign in.
  • enter email and password of that email then press on login option which is in blue color box.
  • if your new to this just go for create new one options which are in below of login button guys.
  • simple now select the email and create own password enter in 2 times.
  • Then finally press on register option you get the pop up with right tick and app will send the email confirmation to your mail id.



how to verify account on email in whatsapp new tricks 2023 :

  • now go back to home screen and open the email or Gmail account which is given on this whatsapp new tricks 2023.
  • then choose the all mail option from the three lines which is at left side of screen.
  • you get mail from Bridge|Xit Labs simply open it.
  • Then we could see the some matter on mail when coming middle of haves a box with Click here to ACTIVATE your bridge account.
  • in addition two emojis that shows to click on that option so give tap on.
  • So website opens with hooray your bridge account ahs been activated and ready for use.



whatsapp new tricks 2023



using method of whatsapp new tricks 2023 :

  • refresh or remove from your task of this whatsapp new tricks 2023 app guys.
  • Then open it again automatically email and id, password will remain just we need to click on log in option.
  • when getting started on screen you appear banners how it works many things, swipe left side two three times.
  • you see close help option at final click it ,whatsapp new tricks 2023.
  • so then app interface will opened we have both web and device mirroring notifications options.
  • pull the screen down to refresh for every new device guys when doing it current mobile option of that name and this device comes.
  • now press on bell icon which is at top side their we could see bridge and this phone options.
  • on this phone option notification history not activated simple tap that to activate it.
  • come backwards and give permission to read notifications by clicking three dot lines.



whatsapp new tricks 2023 conclusion :

  • finally we hope you guys understanded the entire working method of this whatsapp new tricks2023 application.
  • on our channel you could know and learn the next level tricks and settings, new updates and many things.
  • Please do follow our content we bring our best on upcoming articles guys.
  • may be you like this whatsapp new tricks 2023, and in future we try to post every new updates that will posted firstly in our channel.
  • we meet on brand new article untill than bye see you soon guys.



whatsapp new tricks 2023

latest whatsapp new tricks 2023 everyone must know



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