whatsapp text speaking settings in any device
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whatsapp text speaking settings in any device

whatsapp text speaking settings in any device


hi guys we are back with another awesome settings with the help this you can here the whatsapp messages, chatting as a voice and speaking messages version further we don’t required to read those directly mobile will speak all the whatsapp messages whatsapp text speaking settings in any device.



whatsapp text speaking settings in any device :

  • we use WhatsApp a lot in a day, and if you see a lot of messages in a day, it will be for me.
  • Once in a while we get big messages. Many people who use WhatsApp have a habit of reading messages.
  • But it is said that no one shows interest in reading large messages.
  • but when friends receive large messages like this.
  • it would be great if we could read them on our mobile phones.
  • Today in this article let’s talk about whatsapp text speaking guys.
  • when we get big messages in our WhatsApp, our mobile reads it to us If read let’s know what settings we need to do for it.



whatsapp text speaking



whatsapp text speaking benefits :

  • how do you think that when you get large messages on WhatsApp.
  • so every time you need to read them on your mobile.
  • After downloading the application, if you click two or three permissions.
  • then the application will read your mobile no matter how big the message is.
  • know what settings should be done in it, you can download it from there under the link related to this whatsapp text speaking application.
  • all the details related to the application can be read in this article.
  • now without wasting time download the application which you see in below photo.



begin installation whatsapp text speaking application :

  • lets go to playstore for the installation of this awesome app guys.
  • then  simple have to touch on search box which is available at top of the screen.
  • now type T2S Text To Voice Read Aloud and find out it by load button.
  • HE SOFT is the company which developed this app.
  • this has high popularity containing 4.1 star rating of this whatsapp text speaking.
  • 31 thousand reviews given public who previously experienced app facilities.
  • we should have to spend only 9.0 Mb of the data while installing app guys.
  • Overally after checking all those options simply apply tap on install option.




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whatsapp text speaking settings on entering :

  •  The application will open after a little loading After loaded you will see three lines on the top.
  • if you press on those three lines, you will see all the options below.
  • options like New File, Open File ,Recent Files ,Browser, Type speak,
    Settings, About, Pro Version Upgrade.
  • Now you have to go to the settings that will appear in this.
  • After going to the settings, the first thing you have to select your language in these applications.
  • That have to select which language you want your mobile to read out large messages in your WhatsApp.



how to use whatsapp text speaking application :

  • After selecting the language of friends, you will automatically see another option called Coffee to.
  • Press on it and you will see two options already coffee and text coffee next to them you have to turn them on.
  • You will see another button next to it above the auto running.
  • which is simply visible below and it will leave you guys.
  • you will have to turn it on as well after you have done this now you simply exit the whatsapp text speaking application.
  • All the work we have to do in the application is done.
  • open WhatsApp on your mobile but otherwise you have to open it if you are reading something financial in any browser.
  • But if open your WhatsApp, if there are any big messages in it, open it, friends.



whatsapp text speaking



more features and work in whatsapptext speaking :

  • if you open your WhatsApp and give a long press on the big message in it,
  • then  will get an option to copy it, whatsapp text speaking settings in any device.
  • Once you press on that, a small popup will automatically appear on your mobile screen. Think that popup has been done.
  • Your mobile will automatically start reading out what you have copied.
  • so no matter how big the message is, your mobile will keep saying it until it is complete.
  • put your mobile aside and if you have something else to do, you can do that work automatically.
  • if you are mobile, reading will start like this. Download the application once and definitely try it.



whatsapp textspeaking settings conclusion :

  • By Following This Steps App will works easily in any Device, For Detailed Information Read Full Article Detailly Without Missing any Para.
  • in additionally From Our side We given All Tips And Trick whatsapp text speaking settings in any device.
  • Any Errors When Using, Then Contact Us in Comment Section.
  • We Bring Solution For it at any Situation for whatsapp textspeaking app.
  • Need More Tips and Tricks Then follow Our Channel ringtones adda.



whatsapp text speaking





whatsapp text speaking settings in any device



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