check how many devices connected to your wifi

check how many devices connected to your wifi


Hi guys welcome back to ringtones adda channel from this new article know how to check wifi connected devices and block unknown users in single tap, so that you will save to data secured no one use wifi without your permission check how many devices connected to your wifi.



check how many devices connected to your wifi :

  • Friends, you have connected with WiFi many times and used internet.
  • many people have a doubt at such time that how to know how many people are connected in the WiFi we are using.
  • we can easily know who is connected with the wifi we have connected through our mobile.
  • If you also want to know in this way then you have to use a small application.
  • from where to download the application what setting to do in it.
  • you don’t need to search anywhere all the details related to that application are below in this amazing article you could read and learn from over their.






benefits of wifi application :

  • if your using the router and d link broadcast wifi network for social media or internet shop, youtube videos uploading or other purposes.
  • while doing our work on systems suddenly some times wifi will slowed downs, it actually means so many devices are connected.
  • in those some one will known and un known devices are connected to your wifi in different methods.
  • further our wifi speed will decreases due to this issues but with our trick block and hide those unknown devices who are using wifi externally data with no access of yours guys.
  • now read down para and download the application to overcome this types of issues lets go.



how to install this wifi application :

  • let us go to playstore which is convenient to install any app.
  • at home of app finding apps tools appears at top screen.
  • press it and type Fing- Network Tools in that.
  • at other page app displays with blue colored cycle circle shaped logo.
  • Present you must check the down sections points.




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checkup this before installing wifi app :

  •  it has been developed by Fing limited management.
  • ratings will have up to 3.9 with 1Cr+ plus downloaded users.
  • their are very good reviews about app functioning written in reviews section they are around & above three lakh plus.
  • it can be takes the storage in our mobile exactly 12 mb of size.
  • at the down of images we have about this app heading with separate section.
  • touch on it and go to last then you could see launched date of app is 24 December 2020.
  • it gonna upgraded recent times on feb 27 2023, so if this normal points are found correct then directly tap on install.



wifi application installation later :

  • welcome to Fing banner shows at beginning on opening.
  • continue by clicking next option in blue color.
  • about your privacy agreement appears tap agree and continue.
  • then it ask to grant location touch enable location and choose allow while using app option friends.
  • to sign to this app we dont require any account just press ill think about it option from bottom screen.






how to check who connected wifi network :

  • when you skipped sign in then another page opens with how do you approach technology.
  • let we check in further this option that’s why tap on maybe later.
  • then finally app home opens with current connected wifi network.
  • all the information such as of your broadcast will shown on screen.
  • to see who were connecting press scan current network option.
  • immediately all devices who connected whether it may be computer or phones all shown guys.



more features in wifi application : 

  • coming to forward we have other feature in bottom which is tools.
  • from tools able to run speed test, that we would know how fast you can download and upload data.
  • look for ongoing and recent internet outages in your data from internet outages.
  • in addition compare the providers, and find the best isp in your area.
  • in this process you may know all wifi related settings and network problems can see easily friends.





Wi-Fi application conclusion :

  • We Give the All Details And Hope Covered all Options and Features.
  • If Not Understand then Simply Reread Again And again Untill Know Guys.
  • That’s it Friends If You Liked Our Article Then follow use for latest updates.
  • Because It Motivates To Make More Articles.
  • So Share To Your Friends and Others They will really appreciate for sharing this informative topic.





check how many devices connected to your wifi


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